Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Artist: Meg [wild child] and awards

Meet my new friend, Meg who has a blog, Wild Child! We are so much a like- we both LOVE color, we both had to cover our laptops with something colorful, and we like to paint. Don't you love the old windows with the scrapbook paper? Sarah (Blue Castle)- that is right up your alley.

I love this mirror she decoupaged with candy wrappers and candy- adorable! and fun.

Here she is!!! Meg and her son- notice the beautiful painting in the background.

Love it, love it, love it!

cute idea....the whole family could put their prints on a canvas.

Thanks for making our world a little brighter, Meg! You are a fun person and I am glad we are friends! (check out her etsy shop)

Thanks, Amber (striving for 31) for the kreativ blogger award! You are an inspiration and good example of the Proverbs 31 woman!

Thanks, Christie (Just the 2 of Us) for the fabulous award!!!! Your blog is fun and colorful!!!

Thanks, Sarah (Mama Canon) for the Honest Scrap award!!! I love your blog- you are a creative mom and decorator!

When you get these awards you are supposed to list things about yourself. I cannot remember all that I am supposed to list- so I am going to make my own list.

3 things that have completely changed my artistic life:

#1 blogging- what fun to share my art and enjoy other's art. Getting and giving feedback, meeting new people, having you come to visit here at the art house everyday- wow!- it has amped up the creative process for me and made it even more fun.
{2} my digital camera- I cannot even remember a time when we took pictures using film- although it has only been 3 years ago! To create something and then to instantly share that image with someone else - amazing!!! Not to mention all of the other fun stuff- editing, cropping,
3* my art room- to have a place to spread out my work and not have to clean up- -wonderful (except this makes for a HUGE mess). I love that I can be in the middle of a project and leave it there and just close the door. Remember when I had to paint in the kitchen? That had it's good points- but no matter what- when it was meal time I had to clean up and put all arts & crafts away.

What has made the biggest impact on you and your creative process??


Amber said...

I think having children has inspired my creative process. Sometimes I'm just so inspired by their personalities. Sometimes it's the color of my daughter's eyes or the cute pucker of my son's lips. It just makes me want to capture that beauty in some way. :)

wild child said...

Oh my gosh Sara - you are the BOMB!!! Thank you so very, very much for the shout out! All your kind words of fun and color absolutely made my day, week, and month :) I love that we're so alike - I love having someone that I can relate to so well and vice versa. It never ceases to amaze me how so many people are afraid of color when there are so many beautiful colors to enjoy and celebrate all around us in this world! So thank you my friend :)

And just FYI, I am in the midst of a HUGE Etsy makeover in my store! I have 14 new notecard sets in the works and lots of 5x7 prints to choose from too. Eventually I'll be adding my original paintings as well. So please bookmark my store and check back to see all my new items!!!

Lots of Love,
Meg xoxo

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Thanks for all of the linkies and pictures! I love that foot/ hand canvas that she did. And the scrap windows are great, too!

Jill said...

i totally agree with your 3 things - opened up whole new worlds!

Ruth said...

Thanks for sharing another great blogger with us.

Congrats on the awards.