Thursday, July 9, 2009

manners for children

We found this book at the library and boy do we need it!!!! VERY, very cute and helpful. It covers everything from when to say please and thank you to what do you say when you get a gift (a gift that you love or even a boring gift, etc.)

I love the silly rhymes and the scrawly pictures. I just found out that John Bemelmans Marciano is the grandson of Ludwig Bemelmans who wrote the original Madeline books. It is an interesting story.

Anyway, this book was very timely for us as we have been having issues- the boys forget to say thank you half the time and the littlest darling- our three year old girl can get rather demanding. Back to the drawing board- or rather back to manners class.

We do try and have roll play time where I will make up a scenario and we will act it out. Such as; "we are at church and someone give you a piece of gum...what do you do?" or "lets pretend I am meeting you for the first time, what do you say?"

Here is a very handy little way to remember what you should do when greeting someone (learned from the Musical Merrill family):
The 5 S's
1. Stand
2. Smile
3. Shake
4. Say
5. See
(not sure if I have the right order, but you get the idea- when you are meeting someone you should stand as they enter the room, look them in the eye, smile, shake their hand and say something as a way of greeting them)

What tips do you have about teaching your kids manners? We need all the help we can get with our little urchins :)


Shelly said...

My biggest thing is leading by example along with your teaching. I don't always remember but I try. Even when I am asking my son to do something I try to remember to say please and then thank you when he does it.

we have found to joys of the noises our bodies make so our new one is saying excuse me. :) The joys of boys!

joeandkris513 said...

Thanks for the recommendation! I'm going to look for it on our next trip to the library.

Jane said...

In the classroom one of the big things I try to teach is, "You get what you get and you don't get upset." There are so many situations in life where portions, color choices, opportunities will not be fair. Another frequent saying, "Fair is not everybody getting the same. Fair is everybody getting what they need." Hard concepts, but I find that a basic understanding of these prevents some of the bad manners that happen when kids are disappointed.

lori vliegen said...

i just love much that i even have a madeline doll sitting in my studio to keep me company (a gal can never have too many dolls!). good luck with the manners class....not the easiest lessons to learn, but so important! your kids will thank you someday for your persistence in teaching them good manners! :)

Keri said...

I don't have any tips - Caleb and I are learning together. Some days he is pretty good. Mommy, drink please. Other days I get DRINK RIGHT NOW. No, I'm not kidding :)

Ruth said...

It sounds great. My daughter loved Madeleine when she was little. Not so much now that she's 16 but I did buy the Madeleine book and doll for my niece.


Gretchen said...

For making conversation, my Mom always told us to imagine we were playing catch, and when someone spoke to us, then we should respond by "catching the ball", but then not just stop there, but "throw the ball back". Does that make sense? I think a lot of kids do not respond to adults, and even fewer build on what what was said to them! To other kids, either!

Anyway, that's my tip -- might just apply to the older ones, but there you go.