Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Dave had a great weekend in Greensboro, NC at Faithway Baptist Church. He was there Fri pm, Saturday, Sunday, and the kids and I came to see him on Sunday pm.
What a beautiful, old church this was! We enjoyed the service so much. Their choir had practiced many songs with Dave and they sang beautifully.

Some good friend of ours that we had gone to church with in the past! Ralph and Doris. (Ralph is the one who refinished our kitchen table). Dave got to go to their house for lunch and eat all these delicious homemade/garden fresh dishes. Yes, I am jealous- the kids and I ate at cookout for lunch :)

Marilou and Rolando drove up with us and that was fun! They spoil the kids rotten and the kids love them. We went to Red Robin afterwards and I had the most wonderful meal ever (why does it always come back to food?!?) Anyway, I had the Chicken Tortilla soup and it was SO GOOD- and then I had a refillable root beer float (Marilou made me do it- honest)- and got a refill too! (don't worry, that was Sunday- the day before my diet :)

A big thanks to the kind people of Faithway Baptist for taking care of Dave for the weekend - and allowing him to share his music and testimony with you.

I also met a very sweet girl who has an etsy shop! How fun to meet a fellow artist! You can see her beautiful file folders HERE. (what a great idea!)


Monica said...

Glad you had a great time, great fellowship, and GREAT food!

Anonymous said...

The church sounds like a real blessing and the food sounds wonderful! Chicken tortilla soup is one of my favorites!

Jill said...

What a special time...and now I'm hungry again!

ko said...

how awesome! :) YUMMY TORTILLA SOUP! MMM

Anonymous said...

The church looks gorgeous. I love old churches. Now the food would be right up my alley....I love garden fresh anything. :)

knack said...

so glad it went well ......and that you enjoyed all of your food! :)

love you guys! xo

Kristy said...

Thank you for your kind compliment about my Etsy shop.

The tortilla soup sounds wonderfully delicious! The root beer float too! Those are always fun.

Ruth said...

Sounds like a great time with great people.

We don't have a Red Robin near us but I always hear good things about it.