Tuesday, July 14, 2009

face paint

Aunt Connie and Uncle Gerry surprised me and came to visit the fun fest!!!!

most got their faces painted, but we also painted arms and hands....

On Saturday we had our annual family fun fest where our church hosts a carnival like fair for the community. Everything is free...from the food to the games to the giant inflatable jumpy things, to the face paint to the pony rides. It is a chance for us as a church to get to know the people right in our area and to invite them to church and more importantly to give them the gospel and tell them about Jesus. My job is the best and I love it. I get to do the face painting- but it has a special twist- gospel face painting!!!! We use only the 5 colors in the gospel message- gold for heaven, black for the sin that keeps us from deserving to go to heaven, red for the blood of Jesus that forgives us of the sin and that will allow us access to heaven, White that symbolizes how we are washed and forgiven - white as snow. And green that reminds us to grow close to Jesus by reading our Bible and praying.

We had hundreds of kids (and adults too) come by and get their faces painted and get the whole gospel message. We also have a gospel bracelet booth where the kids can make a beaded bracelet with the 5 colors as well.

What a wonderful day! To get to tell that many people about Jesus?!?!? That is priceless. To get to tell a child about Jesus who says that they have never heard about Him before?!??! Wonderful. We had 2 kids get saved that we know about- but I pray that many will be thinking about what we said- that the seeds of the gospel will stay with them as they wash the paint off at home- the words will come back....red is for the blood of Jesus as He died on the cross for us!

If you are interested in more details about the face paint please e-mail me- it would be great to do if you work in VBS, or even to do for your Sunday school class or at a Birthday party. Kids always LOVE facepaint for some reason and we had lines of people waiting to get their face painted.

On Sunday we had about 27 new families visit our church and then 7 got saved that morning! We are so thankful for how God is working!!! (you can hear Pastor Mike's Sunday morning message here)


Laura D said...

What a wonderful idea! I'll definitely have to remember that next time I'm asked to help out with a face painting booth. Thanks so much for sharing!!

Keri said...

Sara, that is wonderful. I'm so glad that Family Fun Fest was such a great success. God is at work at Community!

ccarlson said...

It was so great to see you on Saturday! We were sorry to miss the rest of your family; hope they have recovered. The Family Fun Fest was FANTASTIC! We've told everyone about it! Praise the Lord for the 27 families who attended on Sunday and the 7 who were saved! God is at work! Love, Aunt Connie

Ruth said...

It looks like a really great time. Great way to spread the Good News.

julie king said...

look how cute you all are in the matching brown shits! that looks like so much fun!