Monday, June 8, 2009


I think Mondays are hard sometimes because of how good Sundays are. We had some great services and the Lord really worked in my heart about several things.....then waking up to the realities of Monday and realizing we have to follow through with those decisions (easier said than done!) and not just obey God in the big decisions, but obey and react right in the little things. (and around the little people....:)

It is so easy to get busy and go here and there and suddenly you realize that the important things have been pushed aside. Oh no! What is more important-- sitting with your children and reading the Bible and explaining it to them and how it applies to their lives, or is more important to run here and there like crazy?!?!??! I look back at last week and counted up the days that the kids and I had that special time together in the morning...I was sad to see that we had missed about half.

What a precious time of life we are in right now. The kids want to sit and listen to the Bible stories, they want to pray, they want to sing songs and read books together. Those simple, important things of life need to be put first! I can usually tell the days when we have not given our day over to the Lord first. The kids are acting selfish- the mom is acting selfish- We have not been reminded to Live for the Lord! To put others first! To look for ways to serve! (and isn't it funny- when we live for God and others, that is when we are happiest)

I need to get my priorities straight. Especially when my decisions and my schedule effects 4 other people directly. We have so little time with our children before they will be gone....

Mondays always end good--my night to paint! Here is my idea for house numbers, Heather. What do you think? These tiny canvases are only about 3"x2". (Heather wants some funky curb appeal- it was her idea :)

Sadie is also at work in the art room tonight-- tasty paper towel?


Preppy 101 said...

What a darling idea for house numbers! Love them!

Wendy said...

Thank you, Sara for this great reminder. I am often guilty as well. I appreciate your transparency and encouragement!

Jenny said...

Thanks for the reminder.. I really needed that today!

Have a fabulous week loving on your babies~

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

Amen, sista.
I find that I'm short-tempered or easily distracted when I have another agenda...too many pressing obligations that are urgent, but not IMPORTANT.

Why is it so easy to overlook the most needy areas? Thank you for this. I needed the reminder. Today was one of those scurrying days. It was great but busy and we neglected our morning time.

Quoting Luther’s reasoning, “Work, work, work -- from early till late. In fact I have so much to do that I shall spend the first three hours in prayer." I need to post this somewhere!!

Love the numbers, btw.

Lacy said...

Your right on the money and I often wonder how I can fly through the days so fast. I am trying so hard to look for the little things and I am going to try our devotional in the morning this summer...rather than at night. My kids dont want to sit still and are tired at night and the morning they are fresh and why not give God our whole day from the start like my own morning quiet time??? Thanks for "hitting the nail on the head" for me today.

Farmgirl Paints said...

Hi Sara,
My girls are at that age too. I just want to stop time and keep them sweet and innocent and compliant:) I know that's not a reality, but we should appreciate every stage right??

I love your little dog. Mine does the same thing. Have a great day:)

Connie said...

My kids are grown and still I need this reminder!!?? I love your blog, your art, your decorating, your heart. Don't know if I've ever told you! It seems like me, but it's not, it's you! Does that make sense? Anyway, thanks for loving on us at Things with Wings.

Jill said...

Oh Sara! So beautifully said!-and true!! what a blessing to be reminded of the treasure we have before us, everyday! :) LOVE the house numbers!!! and Sadie, too cute!

Ruth said...

So true!! What a great reminder. There is a definite difference in how our days go when we don't start them off with the Lord.

Keri said...

Well said, Sara! Thanks for the reminder. Sometimes I just get too caught up in life's busy-ness. This time is too special to take for granted.