Monday, June 22, 2009


Q- How do I go about ordering a custom painting?

A- E-mail me with the idea of what you want. Tell me size, colors, quote, or verse. I will write back and tell you sizes and prices (prices start at $40). We can e-mail back and forth until you decide on the perfect size and colors, etc. Some people email pictures of a curtain or paint color that they want the painting to match. (

It is usually a 2 month wait. When you order I will give you a time frame.

As soon as I get done painting for you I will e-mail a picture. If you are happy with it you can pay via paypal or send me a check. When I get payment I will put your painting in the mail.

Q- Do I need to frame a custom painting?

A- The painting is done on stretched canvas with the sides painted black. There is no need to frame it. I hang these canvases all over my house as is.

Q- Do you do custom prints?

A- No, I only do custom painting on canvas.

Prints are copies made of a painting that will be sold in volume. Here is the process for making prints: paint a design that will be able to be enjoyed by a variety of people, take it to the printer who makes at least 20-30 copies at a time. List these prints on etsy. A print is a copy of an original done on cardstock.

Q- What is the process you go through when you decoupage?

A- I am such a non-pro at this! But I really have fun with it and I am pleased enough with the results to use it in my home quite a bit. Here is what I do:

1. Get some fun scrapbook paper in a variety of prints and colors that work well together. (my favorite store is Archiver's.)
2. Paint the surface (I use acrylic paint from Wal-Mart --the Apple Barrel brand. This is the cheapest paint that I have found that still works very well)
3. Cut out your squares (or whatever shape you want), paint on a thin layer of Mod Podge and lay the paper on the glue. rub gently especially around the sides to get it to lay right. When this dries (I never want to wait long enough! I usually wait about 20 min.), paint on another layer of mod podge. After this step there is some controversy as to the correct way to seal this. If it is something that will get a lot of wear and tear like our coffee table, put on several more coats of Mod podge. I have had really good results with this and our coffee table has stood the test of time and many car races, tea parties, etc. Some people have said you need to use another sealer on top of this to give it proper protection. The Mod Podge bottle does say that is also a "finish".

Q- How do you hang your paper lanterns?

A- I string the lanterns with fishing wire and hang from a cup hook screwed into the ceiling. I have never tried to put lights in the lanterns.

Q- How do you get everything done?

A- I don't get everything done at all. The days when I get a lot of painting done, the house is usually a mess (the kids always have to do their chores, so at least the beds are made and the floors swept-- also, Dave does the supper dishes every evening- and some days he ends up doing a full days worth of dishes- he is an awesome husband :)

During the school year we just have to prioritize and make sure the school work gets done. After school is done (we are usually done by noon), painting or decorating is a way for me to relax- so usually that stuff gets done before things like ironing or dusting.

We try to have people over for dinner quite a bit so that the house has to get clean - but I have lowered my standards and not everything is spotless even then. My goal when people come over is that things are clean enough and that people will feel cozy and comfortable.

Also, when you homeschool you eliminate things such as driving the kids to school, the time it takes to pack lunches, time to get school clothes ready. The kids wear whatever they want during the week unless we go somewhere or have someone over - then I try and get them to wear something nice and tuck in the shirt, etc.

Dave has been doing the grocery shopping lately as well, so I am very spoiled. And a scheduled night each week to paint has helped a lot.

My favorite life change has been getting up before the kids. I have been doing this for about 3 years now, and I could definitely not homeschool my kids without this. I do my devotions, get my shower and get completely ready before they get up. This has revolutionized my attitude to the kids (I am happy to see them when they get up) and given me a lot more energy.

And of course what should have gone first- I can do all things through Christ who gives me (and you) strength! (Phil. 4:13)


Sun-Kissed Savages said...

I have so many comments but short on time right now, so I'll just say that I love this post: Lowering some standards, having balance. Yep. It's such a good post.
I love your home, your colors, everything.
Here's a question for you: what time do you go to bed, to get up before the kids?

Chrissie Grace said...

Hi Sara
I wish my family and I could come over for dinner one night!:)
I love the flower shirt you made below!!

Sun-Kissed Savages said...

More questions: do you buy your canvases, or buy canvas and stretch your own? Where do you buy this? I'm looking for canvas (cheap is best, b/c it's just for me and the kids!)

heather said...

you do amaze me, still. i wish i had your energy and i'm learning to get my strength from Christ each day! you commented on the slip and slide and i wanted to tell you that sean squirts on some dish soap so it will be more slippery. works like a charm! have a great summer! enjoying all your projects!

Kristy said...

Sara, I've been meaning to tell you that just wanted to let you know that my sister LOVED the canvas you made for her. I didn't tell her much about it, just that I had custom ordered her birthday gift and it would take a few weeks to arrive.

She was so excited when she opened it - thank you so much!

gardenmama said...

what a bright funky blog!
I love the first photo of your home, with the pinks and orange and green! Lucky kids to grow up around so much color!

meme said...

I marvel at how you get so much done--I'm in the process of getting my work space together so I can get to creating and painting. Do you have suggestions for creating a good space?

Sara said...

I have a Q from one of your FAQ's! What printer do you use when you get your art prints made? My mother paints amazing watercolors and I'd love to help her get started selling her paintings.

By the way, you are SO inspiring me to homeschool Ellie!

Anonymous said...

Lots of good stuff about how you get things done. I love your paintings!

Thanks for sharing all these questions and answers with us.

N Verdulla said...

Your house is always comfortable and cozy no matter what!! The colors of it make it that way!

TheNormanFive said...

I have a question for you Sara. When you put the dotted napkins behind your stove, did you use mod podge to put it up and if so, did it come off easily when you changed it out???