Monday, June 15, 2009

bye-bye Georgia

Thanks to Brian & Patty for everything!! Such great & hospitable people! We really hope you guys can come stay with us sometime!

Thanks to Gigi, Pops, Jon, Barb, & kids who came to see the concert and help with the table afterwards.

We're back! Good to be home! Good to see our puppy :)

So thankful for a great concert. Each time I hear Dave's songs I get struck with something new. This time it was Broken Moment that cut deep to my heart.


See my broken body lying here today,
How could this be God's plan, suffering this way?
Then I see Your body, broken on that tree,
And I follow God's plan, like You did for me.

See my broken spirit, all my hope is gone,
How could this be God's plan? How can I be strong?
Then I feel Your Spirit, groaning through my prayer,
Comforting my heart, confirming You are there.

In this broken moment, Lord, I come to You,
Hold me in Your love and show me what to do.

See my broken will, Lord, I give You my all,
I know this is God's plan, I have heard Your call.
Centered in Your will, I give You all my fear,
You will never leave me, You are always near.
The words really jumped out at me and things were very clear. Things that I have been struggling with- at that moment I could see that God has been using those things in my life to break my will so that I will give myself more completely to Him. God will hold us in His love and He will show us what to do.


I am getting together a little bag of goodies for a giveaway! I had so much fun making those fabric flowers, so I thought I would give some away- and maybe other stuff too......


Jill said...

OHHH!!! The WORDS to that song!!! Just beautiful!!! glad ya'll had such a good time! can't wait to see what you have been up to! :)

Farmgirl Paints said...

That was a beautiful "poem" or song. I loved it. And I know I would love to win one of your flowers in a give-away!!

Jenn Basham said...

ummmmm Hello?? You were in Georgia??? I"d love to have seen you