Monday, May 18, 2009

good news and bad news

Good news! A new painting.

Good news! School is over for the day, the kids are playing nicely together- Sara can paint! Part of my "studio" (or as some may say, kitchen)-- if a piece is big- it has to go on the table- the small ones get done on the counter. Speaking of studios- I have a gorgeous studio to show you tomorrow!

Good news-- Some friends of ours are starting a petting zoo/farm-sort of thing where people can come to ride horses, fish, see the animals, plant some seeds, lots of fun stuff! (the Dunn's for local people). I just tried to copy Monica's logo that she designed here for the sign.

More good news- our church celebrated it's third year anniversary and we moved into a new building! We love our church.

The bad news- I found some gray hairs.....I was moaning about it to Dave and he encouraged me by saying that I could be a Grandma in 14 years.....THERE IS NO WAY I am ready for that! Our youngest is only 7. But really, I am shocked by the gray hairs sprouting up.


Stephanie said...

It's so funny, when I first saw the photo of the strand of hair I hadn't read below it yet and I thought it was the silouette of something or someone. So look at it this way, even your gray hairs are art!

Michelle said...

I found you again! my goodness, it's been a long time! when i changed my blog up i lost a ton of blogs links. i found your link over at a familiar path on one of her comments!

love your kitchen!! we just moved and i'm wanting to paint the downstairs den green....if you know the color of that green in your kitchen can you please let me know what it is?

off to chec k outyour etsy shop~!

chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

your church website looks so nice.

Anonymous said...

i thought that gray hair was a streak from an airplane in the sky..hmmm...maybe i just need more sleep. don't worry, tho...we're AAAALLLLLL getting them. or so i tell myself ;)

i commented back on FB but not sure if u saw...i got the skirt at a yard sale (woo-hoo!!) but it's american eagle...old...when they were less...umm..skimpy??

i love your painting btw. :)

Monica said...

you threw me for a loop for a minute...your oldest is only 7! Though I can't wait to see how your youngest's personality has developed by the time she's seven! and you did a good job on the Dunn's sign!

Anonymous said...

You're lucky the greys are just starting. I don't know what happened, but this year they seem to have taken over my head. I'm not liking it one little bit!


Jill said...

I can relate on the gray...only I seem to have ALOT! in my house we call it "frosting"- so see- it's actually a "sweet" thing! Love the new painting!

gailsgarden said...

Love the paintings! As for the gray hair, when my youngest was 7 I was already covering up gray! And it's in the genes, Kiddo! You have no hope at all!
Your MOM

Anonymous said...

At first I thought the gray hair was a silhouette or something too. :) As long as you can still pull the gray hairs out, you're doing good. The older I get, the less objection I have to coloring my hair.