Thursday, May 14, 2009


I am very blessed to be at a point in my life where I would gladly stay forever. (Ok, so there are some moments when I would not say this and have been known to count down the days until we have an empty nest: 14 years, 2 months and 3 days)

But honestly, life does not get better than this:

::flowers for mommy::

::treasures to show mommy::

::more creative work than I could hope for::

::and most importantly, $1 wooden unfinished frames from Michael's::

What more could a girl ask for?!?!? All kidding aside, I am very thankful for the family that God has entrusted to me to love & cherish & nurture.

But back to the frame- I am so excited about the possibilities! What would you do with it?


Stephanie said...

Paint it!!!

Steph said...

You are blessed! That frame is just screaming for you to work you magic. I see a mixture of paint and paper in it's future.

Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh there is nothing better than Michael's! I'm definitely with you there:)

Ruth said...

You have such beautiful things. I love your artwork.
These are precious moments that won't last forever. Enjoy them.

Younge 7 said...

I would ask my good friend, Sara to paint it for me!!! Enjoy:)

Jill said...

of course add some "sara magic" and paint it...with a verse going around it...I know it will be AMAZING!