Friday, April 17, 2009

spring cleaning & redecorating

This area needed a little help. I have wanted to paint the little shelf black. Today I got the chance. Several things were moved around and now I am happy with the new look.

The canvas on the right is a new one. It had been a mistake canvas so I glued some paper on there to cover up a mess.

The little dishes pop out and show up better against the black.

I am not quite finished with this - I think it is screaming to have some buttons glued on there.

The fireplace got a much needed cleaning- winter ashes swept away.


Adrienne said...

Black is perfect for the shelf! I love, love the green polka dot pitcher and the green wall to the right. I also adore all of your patchwork!

Stephanie said...

Everything looks great! The shelf definitly needed to be black and I like the containers in the fireplace, adds some pop of color. And there's that paining I love on the mantel now, I think I'm going to hang your painting in my new sewing room above my cubby of fabric. It will be such an inspiration to look at when I am creating!

Jill said...

Just Darling! :) LOVE your happy pretty...

Dawn said...

Much better! Love your whimsical colors!!!
Just perfect.


Spring has sprung! Everything looks great. I like the shelf black.

I was just telling Oz we need to clean out our fireplace too!

Anonymous said...

Lookin' Good!