Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Tuesday!

Seen on a church billboard today:

Get off facebook and get into My Book!

Seen in the Readers Digest -

Following a tough day of homeschooling her children, my friend was in the kitchen muttering to herself when her 14 year old son walked in. "What's going on?" he asked. "I'm having a parent-teacher conference," she growled.

Sorry no photos today. It's been a bit busy. We went to the library for homeschool story time and learned about falcons. I think the kids learned more in the car with their little friend who taught them how to say "you're a booger" in Spanish :)

Getting ready to paint! Not enough time to paint lately. Have a great Tuesday night.


Anonymous said...

Now they're bilingual. :) Hooray! LOL

gailsgarden said...

happy tues to you too! I loved the story about the parent teacher conf!

Paige said...

I am sure God says the same thing to me sometime - I am addicted to Facebook! I am writing that one down to remind myself too!

Jill said...

Too cute! BOTH great sayings! :)

Ruth said...

I love that. I can totally relate~somedays homeschooling is quite a challenge.
Have fun painting!!