Thursday, April 16, 2009

gorgeous music!!!!

Dave has recorded 2 new piano songs In Christ Alone and Speak, O Lord. You can listen to them here and see the words here and here.

Beautiful! I love to go to his site, press play to listen and then open a new tab on the computer so I can finish replying to e-mails with the music soothing my jangled nerves :)

Awesome, Dave! I would totally buy these songs for my mp3 player....if I had one...:)


So blessed! said...

That is lovely. So relaxing! BRAVO!

Holly said...


Anonymous said...

Very pretty songs. Very peaceful.


Keri said...

You aren't the only talented one in the family, Sara. Beautiful music, Dave!

Jill said...

LOVE it! I'm with ya, Sara, if I had an mp3 player, I'd totally buy these!