Monday, April 27, 2009

Anita's Baby Shower: Noah's Ark Theme

Anita, my artsy friend (you saw her house here and her art here) is having a baby! We are so excited for her. The shower was very fun. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Cutesy little outfits!!! Can't wait to see the baby's face!

Awwww, Denise made the burp cloths and quilt- adorable!

If you look close you can see that the cheese is cut in little animal and ark shapes (Noah's ark is her theme in the baby's room). Tina found the little cookie cutters at Michaels.

Yes, that is supposed to be the ark. Chocolate on the bottom and angel food cake on top. The cupcakes were marching up two by two.

The punch turned out better than we hoped! Tina's blue punch recipe:
1 pack blue koolaid
1 bottle white grape juice
1 2L Sprite
1 cup sugar
vanilla ice cream (about 8-10 scoops)

That is supposed to be a little boat floating in there and I heard someone saying it looked like a cell phone got dropped in the punch :) Tina also made ice cubes out of blue koolaid- that was a good idea.

Don't you just love the rainbow?!?! Olivia made the best fruit dip- I think she used sour cream, cream cheese and sugar.

Denise gave a really good devotional. I am trying to get her to give me a copy so I can share. A lot of wisdom and verses for parents and especially some tips about raising girls. (hint, hint, Denise, you can e-mail it to me :)

Blessings to Anita and her family as they will soon be 4! We are praying for you!


Tracey said...

Congratulations to Anita and family! Looks like a lovely shower. I love the Noah's Ark cake and the animal cupcakes two by two....sooooo cute!!!!

gailsgarden said...

Everything was sooooooo cute! Love the quilt and burp cloth (don't know if I could use it for THAT!) All the ideas were adorable! Is she having a girl?


Super cute shower ideas...loved the cupcakes. I have a yummy fruit dip too....1 8oz of cream cheese and 1 container of marshmallow fluff. Oh it is soooo good. I think I eat more dip than fruit!

Jennifer said...

You guys did a great job!

Stephanie said...

Great ideas! So simple but I love the rainbow idea with the fruit, never would've thought to do that.

Sue said...

So cute! We had the same type of punch but with rubber duckies floating in it at one of our numerous showers. I only remember because I made it. That post made me hungry...time for a snack!

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

I was sorry to miss it- everything looks lovely! Wish I could sew like Denise:) Email me the devotional when you get it!

Ruth said...

Beautiful shower. It looks like everyone is having a great time.

Keri said...

Congratulations Anita. What a beautiful shower. Love the cupcakes marching to the boat!

Younge 7 said...

I haven't are soooo sweet!!!