Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April Fool Supper

Remember last year? I fooled the fam real good with the April fool dinner of "strawberry pie" (really meatloaf pie) and "shamburgers" - the little burgers made with Nilla wafers and peppermint patties. SO FUN! Take a look at the food and Dave eating his pie- Here.

So this is the menu for this year:
*fish sticks- (wafer crackers covered in PB & cornflakes)
*peas-(green laffy taffy rolled into little balls)
*ketchup (seedless strawberry jam)
And for dessert- "cupcakes!" (meatloaf covered in mashed potatoes)
see recipe- Meatloaf & mashed potato cupcakes (also from Family Fun)


Monica said...

You make me laugh. If I had to pick people out at church who pulled practical jokes, you wouldn't be high up on the list. Does Dave ask what things really are before he tries them (after almost 10 years of April's Fools)?

Stephanie said...

Love it, how fun! Rachel Ray had some recipes for mixed up dinners in her magazine around halloween too. Can be found online if anyone needs more ideas. Thanks for sharing!

Richardson Family said...

How cute...what a fun idea! I just found your blog and am so glad that I did! You have such talent!

Keri said...

Fun, fun! You guys enjoy this day - and I hope we get more of Dave's reactions this year :)

Jennifer said...

ok, the meatloaf one is really mean!!!

Jill said...

what a fun mom you are! what were the kids reactions?! did they know what to expect since it sounds like you did something similar last year?