Monday, February 23, 2009

We're Back

We left Friday morning and just got back tonight from a trip to Delaware for Dave's concert. We got to meet up with lots of family members, made some sweet new friends, enjoyed Dave's concert, ate lots of good food (Nicola pizza-Aunt Barbara's pancakes-Aunt LeAnn's cookies to name a few--the diet starts tomorrow!)

We are happy to be back home but so thankful for God's protection and blessing as we were able to go to another church and meet and worship with a wonderful body of believers who share the love for God. Dave and I are deeply blessed and thankful.

Lots of photos to upload- sara's art house will be back up and running with the regularly scheduled color and photos tomorrow. Have a good night! Don't stay up too late watching 24 (especially since you can watch episodes on

**To answer a few comments about the paper lanterns that are hanging in our kitchen- I do not have lights in them. Some of you were wondering where the cords were hidden. I would love the light- but hate the cords- so they are just the globes hung up with fishing line and cup hooks.


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a nice trip. Can't wait for photos.


Kimm at Reinvented said...

Glad you're back home safely and have a good trip. Can't wait for more pics!

ko said...

sounds like a FANTASTIC TRIP!!!!!!

Sarah said...

So glad Dave is able to do what his heart is in! :-)

We have a paper lantern on our boring Walmart floor lamp, in place of the shade. I love it! It is in the basement, making our play room more fun. :-)