Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sometimes my father-in-law comes up with good ideas :) Here is his order- not sure what he will think about the circles, maybe he will hang it in his closet...

Another great verse!!!! Thank You, Lord, for the great & mighty things that you already have shown to us. We marvel at Your greatness!!!

Recognize this one? Keri was it you who first asked me to do this verse with these colors? Well thank you for your genius because this design has been requested about 4 times. I promise, though, that each canvas is a little bit different- no two alike! When you get a custom painting it is made special for you.


Tammy said...

I love them!

What size canvas is the "tree" painting from your Feb. 11th post & the "Trust in the Lord..." painting.


I love the green/brown one. Such a wonderful verse. Our pastor just preached on that verse Sunday night. Oh how I needed that!

Anonymous said...

Love all these colors! Great job.


John Mincy said...

Hi Sara:
Oh yes, I do like my (your) paintings . The balls remind me of all the things I am juggling and need to cast upon Him! And, I like the "skye" blue on the Jer 33:3. I look forward to getting them. I'll try to think of another good idea, but it make take me awhile:)
Dad M

Deb said...

Jeremiah 29:11...actually 11-13, but I love verse 11..hope is my favorite word!! I love your work!!

Sarah said...

I love all three of these!

And I think almost any of the verses in Ephesians would be great. :-) Love that book!

One more thing: that quote from my pastor that you asked about.....he said most of his statements are "stolen". :-) He couldn't remember where he got it though. He said to try googling it. Otherwise, you can just use it.
"When God is at the CENTER of your life, you automatically worship. When He is not, you automatically worry." Have fun painting it! :-)