Thursday, February 12, 2009

a little peek inside the mincymedia corporation

Behind the scenes here at mincymedia--here you can see the shipping and receiving dept. The CDs arrived on Monday. Good news! They look great and sound even better according to our testers and sound technicians. You can listen yourself- here.

A look inside a box- the inspection crew was satisfied with the product.

Wow- you don't see this every day. CEO and CFO, Dave Mincy on his lunch break. I am virtually speechless. What to say? Um, Mr. Mincy, would you like some more Cheetos? How about a Diet Coke to go with that ham & swiss (fresh from the mincymedia deli)?

Can we only imagine what is going on inside the genius mind? A new tune, perhaps? The next CD cover? Or perhaps why his co-workers (...children? wife?) are so noisy at lunchbreak?

Not only is he a friendly and down to earth CEO (so hard to find these days). He also matches the kitchen decor- where do you find a man like this? We are honored to just be working (living) in the same house.

Yes we are livin' the dream here at mincymedia. I get really spoiled when Dave works from home- I get to see little glimpses of him and chat a bit here and there- we can give each other feedback, etc. We are truly blessed. Altho, I will admit there are tiny little moments when I know Dave may wish to have a lock on his office door :)

If you missed it, here is a little more info on how and why Dave is working mincymedia fulltime.


Anonymous said...

So cool. He really does match your kitchen!

Best of wishes on the success of his music and company.


Pam said...

I am sitting here laughing and laughing! Lunchbreak! Cheetos! Matching the kitchen decor! Girl, you are such a trip, and I am glad to call you my friend.

Younge 7 said...

Such a cute post!!!

Anonymous said...

Cute! Love the cheetos =)
Btw, I'm digging the painting behind him on the wall, with the numbers... care to share?? Come on, you know how much I love your stuff!!

VeRonda said...

I am proud of anyone who can live their dream... I'm getting there.

Cindy said...

Your husband seems to be very good natured and a good sport. He reminds me a lot of mine.
I'm glad you are living your dream of family, art and music. What can be better?!

Jessie said...

Good to see you are having a blast!!! Can't wait for my CD!!!

Donna Heart said...

How inspiring you are! I've only recently stumbled across your blog (I love these little treasure finds!) and just LOVE it! I have wanted to go crazy with colour for sooo long in my home - but haven't been able to - until recently when my life took on a new direction! I'm just curious - are your backgrounds to your posters pieces of patterned paper or do you paint all of it? I feel a well of excitement in me to create when I see you pictures and photos - thankyou for being so open and vulnerable and honest and authentic!

gailsgarden said...

You're nuts, Sara! I just printed off Dave's new chorus. The title is "Ui jol! Po! Ui ftf! Ui joht." Seriously! And it was written by Ebwf!N jodtz. The notes look okay.
I hope the CDs are more understandable! (Dad never seems to have trouble with the printer, but sure is acting up for me!)

ko said...

how GREAT! And wow He does match!

Dave Mincy said...

I like this guy...seems very down to earth...even fraternizes with the everyday separate bathroom, eats in the cafeteria...he isn't very photogenic, however, so he'll probably never make the "big leagues"