Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy V Day!!! (and where are those button boxes?)

To my valentine- you are my one and only. I love you, Dave Mincy!! Kisses and hugs and lots of chocolate :)

We made the pretzel buttons- they taste as good as they look (see here for how they are actually supposed to look, and for the recipe)

I am so excited that a sweet someone already bought a button box! And I just haven't uploaded the others. Not sure that I will have time until Monday- I have about 8 more- so keep an eye out.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!!!!


enamor said...

glad you liked my recipe! Happy Valentines Day :)

gailsgarden said...

Yum! What could be better than pretzels and chocolate!!!

Stephanie said...

Those pretzel buttons are so cute! What a great idea, and so simple and tasty too!

Tracey said...

Happy Valentines Day!
The pretzel buttons are cute and sound yummy!!

Anonymous said...

Those are not only cute, but also include all my favorite ingrediants - salt, chocolate, and M&M's. This my kinda treat!


missy said...

i hvae another take on this that we do at christmas. use the round pretzel put a rolo in it melt it a bit in the oven when you take it out put a pecan half on top!!!! yum they are so good!!!!
your look so darn cute for valetine's day!!!!
you can't eat just one!!!!!