Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dave's Concert:::fun in Delaware

Here he is talking before a song. A lot of times he would tell how he wrote the song- or what the inspiration was. I so appreciate Dave's heart and how he sings for the Lord. He wants those listening to learn more about God, to think about how good our Lord is, to see our weakness and God's strength for us. I was deeply blessed- even though I have heard all of his songs many times.

It was a special thing to see my husband up there doing what he was made to do. It has been a long road- (he is 40 :) - Dave has done a lot- he has worked hard at a lot of jobs. To be able to see him not in a job- but a ministry that allows him to use his passion- writing music for the Lord. To see him being a blessing to other people- wow - that is priceless. We are so thankful for this opportunity.
Here are some very sweet and genuine people that we got to know. We were so encouraged by the ministry at Lighthouse Baptist- God is doing great things there. It was hard to leave and say goodbye! All I can say is thank goodness for Facebook and now we can keep in touch :)

These pictures are out of order- but I had to take a picture of Aunt Barbara making us breakfast on Saturday morning. She made us pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs, etc- it was so good and she is so sweet! Thanks for having us, Aunt Barbara!

Nicola fries with vinegar- I dream about this stuff

Pastor Witmer's wife, Amy, is an artist and we got to see some of her art at their house. This was done using the batik technique- which is so interesting to me. This picture does not do the art justice at all.
I would have to say that my artistic and decorating style developed until I was a teenager and then stopped there- I loved the Witmer's teenaged daughter's room. Isn't it adorable? The shabby chic bed, the quilts, the paper lanterns- what's not to like? I am 13 at heart :)


So blessed! said...

I just found you via...

I love all your art work!

I love all the color...it makes me happy!

I will popping in now and then, hope you don't mind.

Rachel and Jacob said...

:) I know Tim V.. from that one pic... we had a speech class together once.

Fries and vingegar... is that a canadian thing?

Jody said...

Sounds like a great weekend...so happy for your husband and all of you!!!

gailsgarden said...

I enjoyed the new pics but we are especially thrilled with Dave's concert! We've only listened to the first half so far and Aunt Ruthie has listened to it too! She loved it also! We are SO THANKFUL for such a great and talented son-in-law! We only had one opportunity for a son-in-law. We're thankful he fit the ticket so well!!!

Sarah Valiante said...

Hi, Sara! Just thought I'd stop by your blog and see what you have. I love your motivation in art. It it something I lack, but would love to develop. I have been dreaming of writing and painting on my walls, too...just haven't put it to practice =). Hope all is well this week.

skB said...

Is that Tim Valiante? I was in college with him. He was best friends with one of my roommates my freshman year. Small world if it is, and he sure looks like him if it is not.