Monday, January 12, 2009


:::Jill Adkins!!!!::: Congratulations, Jill! I don't have any contact info for you, so please e-mail me with your address (my e-mail is on my profile page) Thanks for the comment Jill, and sharing your favorite happy colors! (red, pink, turquoise, lime green)

That was fun, I will have to do another giveaway- maybe on my B-day (June). You all can send me a present and I will put your names in a hat....haha :)


Keri said...

Ah - I've been thwarted again! Next time maybe :)

By the way, how far in advance do you need orders for prints? I am looking to get something done for a June birthday - colors black and white and some purple. I just haven't come up with the verse yet.

Jessie said...

No- I was hoping I was the winner!

Rachel and Jacob said...

man- three contests ended today :( Im a looooser :) but YEAH for the winnnnnderS!!!

::confetti throwing::

Anonymous said...

Congrats Jill!

Sara, I like your way of thinking. Presents are on the way...kind of like "the check's in the mail."