Friday, January 30, 2009

the valentine tree & books

Jen asked me if having the books around the kitchen help the kids get into reading and do we do that all the time?

So, Jen, we usually have books around the kitchen. It helps the kids see what there is to read- especially after we get a stack at the library. I have just always loved seeing books propped up this way. I saw it first in my school library when I was small, then when I taught kindergarten, books were my favorite form of classroom decor. If it was February, there were pink and red and Valentine books all over, etc. So now this is my classroom and the kids and I love having the books as a part of our day. I would say that having the books displayed like this, and then changing the display frequently really does get the kids excited about the books.

Kimberly asked about the paper that I have on the side of the fridge- that is wrapping paper from World Market that is taped up.

And Monica had asked if Dave is a Scrabble fan because of the scrabble tiles on his Birthday canvas. Yes, he loves Scrabble and is teaching the boys, which is good, because they like it more than I do. My idea of a good game is Taboo or Catch Phrase or Mad Gab. But, opposites attract and we suffer through the other's games just in the name of love :)

See those verses there clipped to the tree? I have really been thinking about that lately - true love. A love for others that cares more about them than yourself. Love is the greatest gift. With God's help I want to give that love to my family and friends (and apparently enemies too...!). It is so easy to forget! It is so easy to love yourself instead, isn't it?!?! When we keep our focus on God, we will be so overwhelmed with His love for us, that we will want to give that love to others. I will quit preaching, sorry, it is just stuff that I need to be reminded about.

What do you think about I Cor. 13? What has helped you to show this kind of love? Does anyone else have trouble showing this kind of love 24/7, or is it just me!??!


LMLogan said...

that last ?? - IT'S NOT JUST YOU!! :) so ms. creative - what ideas do you have for a 1st bday party?

Monica said...

I think I probably manage that about 8 out of 24 hours...u know, the 8 I'm asleep!

adb said...

you have the prettiest home! i love all the colors!! Your blog is so much fun to read...that is why i have an award for you. hope you stop by soon to pick it up!

joyfullness said...

Oooh! Such Sweet Valentiney LOVE!!
I looked for a fireplace screen for you yesterday at My Goodwill!
None!! What in the world!
Also...our Occup.Thpst. is redecorating her curtains with white polka dots..oh my!!..and so, naturally, we headed to YOUR blog for more fresh fantastic ideas...she loved so many of your prints...can you email me with some prices on actual paintings...???sizes..etc.. 1st Corinthians is HEAVILY highlighted in my BIBLE!!
Because i am SO lacking in this area...all day..everyday...sometimes it is evident to all...sometimes, it is only evident to me and THEE!!! All times it is disappointing.. and what helps me get through is knowing I have the most Kind..Most Loving..all the time...Valentine..the author of Love..the Giver of when it is ME that I think is giving the LOVE is really HE!!
He is LOVE...He does these I just need Him more..and Love Him more...and Look to Him to show me HOW!!!
He persues my heart daily, because i CRAVE HIS kind of Love...
What a Valentine!
The more I look at those words on your eyes cast a downward gaze...Thank you Sara, for such a meaningful reminder!!
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me...I can Love all through Christ who strengthens me...
Been creating lately..and thinking of you...
Joyfully His!!

Nikki said...

Great Valentine tree!

I also am working on walking in love ALL the time, not just when it is easy.

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

What has helped me to show this kind of love? I have been, am, and will be trying to ask myself every time I am asked to do something for someone what my reason for saying "no" would be. If it's a selfish reason such as needing our family time, needing to stick to our curriculum or schedule, needing my "me" time, or I just plain don't want to, then I do it anyway! I also try to find ways to bless others that they aren't expecting- such as taking a meal when they are sick even if they aren't sick enough to warrant church meals, making them a homemade gift "just because",sending cards and flowers anonymously so they don't have to write a thank you card...I ask God to help me be creative and also to really be aware of the needs of others. I am such a self-focused creature that it is a daily dying to self!!

mrs.pabody said...

I love, love, LOVE it!!! You are so marvelously creative! Now I'm inspired to cut out a zillion hearts and decorate for the next two weeks. :)
Thank you for your reminder to meditate on I Cor 13 too. I have been chewing on John 3:16 this week, thinking of how amazing God's love was and is for us. I am really thankful!

Elise said...

Um, do I show this love all the time??? No, but I pray a LOT that God would love thru me, because I know I my cup doesn't spilleth over on its own.
Love your bright, happy colors!!

Jessica said...

It is so hard as a mom to balance taking care of ourselves in a healthy way, with taking care of our families.
I often remind myself that my little ones will be grown up and gone before I know it. I am young and have the rest of my life to do what I want to do.
So, I try to love and hug and squeeze my little ones as much as possible... not without struggles, but trying to look at the big picture.

ko said... cracked me up when i checked my comments!
I LOVE your tree! PRECIOUS! You are the BOMB dot com
love ya friend

Anonymous said...

Hi. I love your artwork. Are you taking custom orders? I'm looking to add some color to my kitchen and saw a few things under your "Custom 2008" section that would be perfect. Please let me know. Thanks Lisa

Sarah said...

Love the tree! Such a fun idea.

I have a book about I Cor. 13 written by John MacArthur. It is kind of old school, but such a great in-depth study of that passage. Kind of changed my perspective on how I ought to love and why.