Monday, January 12, 2009

new shoes

from Goodwill- with the tags still on. I haven't taken them off since Friday. (well, except to change socks).

Can't wait to draw a name tonight....sometime during a commercial break from 24.....who will it be?!?!?!?!?! Thanks for participating in my little prize game. It has been very fun to hear from all of you.


Anonymous said...

I dunno if now I'm having a deja vu because I just commented on someone's blog about how I LOVE Meg's house in You've Got Mail....was it you??? Are we getting old or what?! ;)

Love the new shoes...and mail me the socks when you're tired of them, please. ;)


Sooooo cute and they look super comfy! Don't ya just love a great bargain.

I think Chloe has those socks!

joyfullness said...

YOUR Goodwill has great stuff too!!
Let me know if you see any zebra print rugs..or throws..or pillows... Super cutie shoes!!
and those socks...wowwie-ka-zowwie!!

ps..thankyou for the comment on my little're right, i just need to stand next to the beautiful print with my purse on...
have you thought of making tiny print charms??.. you know, with a scrabble tile or something similar...would you be able to read it?? If it didn't have words on it maybe...i'll take a zebra print one please right away...or a ring...zebra?? i saw a truck today that had a zebra print all over it..i say..a bit much!!
I pass by BJU everyday 4 times a day...and think of you...i know someone famous who went there, i say to myself...and then i smile..
and see a zebra truck!!
Joyfully His!

Jessica said...

OOH! 24 is on tonight! I'll be watching it too (Colorado time of course)!!! Hope I win!!!

Jessica said...

can i please tell you that i tried these shoes on, and my husband looked and me and shook his head, so needless to say, i put them back! i adore those shoes. . .

oh well. i guess it wasn't meant to be for me! but goodwill? awesome!!!

skB said...

don't even bother drawing names. . .it's me all the way:)

Love your new shoes, too!

Anonymous said...

Very Cute shoes! They look comfy.

Cindy said...

Your energy and artwork are amazing! You are such an inspiration to me!
I've linked your blog to mine so I can check back often.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

I have the same shoes but they are brown with Gold flowers