Friday, January 2, 2009

A Look Back & Looking Forward

2008- a year in photos

January- trip to a music conference with Dave, where I got to spend hours painting and reading and reflecting on a new year- good way to start 2008!

February- our baby turns 2

March- new business cards!

April- The 10 commandment painting

May - strawberry picking

June- Trip to NYC to see Mark & Trish

July- trip to Canada to be with my parents

July #2- celebrating 9 years of wedded bliss!

August- back to school- our 3rd year of homeschooling

September- my dream comes true- I got to paint a chalkboard wall

October- the black & white craze continues and well as the love of pumpkins

November- another passion: decoupage

December enjoying Christmastime with the kids and also fun with picnik to edit photos

::::::::Looking forward:::::::
relational resolutions
1. For God-
Keep up with the Bible reading schedule and check each day off in my book. And having said that- the most important part is that I deepen my relationship with God and talk to him each day (as He talks to me from His word).

2. For Dave
Take better care of Dave and iron his shirts everyday. I love him to pieces- it is the least I can do! I think I ironed his shirts half of the time in 2008....(baby steps). Next thing you know I will be ironing his socks :)

3. For the kids
have meaningful conversations with the kids every day. That means when they come to me when I am busy and ask me a question (like I got asked yesterday: "is there anyone in the world named Egg?") I will stop what I am doing and talk and treat these questions as very important. These are the precious times that I have taken for granted.

Homeschool resolutions
*Have an exercise time everyday- running outside, long walks, soccer, basketball, baseball, kickball, Frisbee, jumping jacks, push-ups, etc.

*Keep the playroom clean - games kept where they should be, toys back in boxes, books on the shelves, etc, etc, etc. (this will be the HARDEST resolution to keep since it has never happened on a consistent basis in the 7 years that we have had kids).

*Keep up with the scripture memorization

*Pick at least one person a week for the kids to minister to (mail a letter, make a treat for, call, visit, help, etc...)


1. finish the picture book before the kids are too big to enjoy it

2. post each painting on a 2009 custom painting blog so that I have accurate record of what gets done- and just for you, Dave, keep better financial records of what is being spent on canvas, paint, etc.

Health resolutions

1. Drink lots of water
2. keep up with the treadmill- 3 0r 4 days a week. (last year it really helped to put a big check mark on the calendar for each time I get on the treadmill). I need at least 15 days a month to be checked. This is very doable.
3. Eat lots of fruit and veggies


This kind of a list is very overwhelming- and I promised myself that I would just pick 4 things to strive for- the original list looked like this:

drink lots of water
keep up with the Bible reading plan

have quality talks with the kids everyday

finish the book

So there they are in a nutshell- but when you think of all that got done in 2008- the sky is the limit in 2009- God has great things for us!


Anonymous said...

oh, sara,
LOVED this post. :) thanks for sharing...and inspiring me!!

Trish said...

Sara, I am so impressed. I need to make a list too....we'll keep in touch.....


Pop Pop & Granna said...

You are very inspiring, Sara, I will pray for your goals -- I need to get mine in writing.

Jessica said...

Hope you don't mind that I copy your format for your 09 goals... you have really encouraged me to do my own! I will pray that you are able to accomplish all that God has put on your heart...
and by the way, my poor husband rarely has ironed shirts either.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Those are quite the skirts you and your friend have!

Have fun keeping your resolutions.

Keri said...

Cool post! Love it.

Jennifer said...

wow, how can you keep up with all of that? great goals though!

Miss G said...

I came on over to your blog from someone else's . . . can't remember right now whose. Anyway, ADORABLE cupcake with the sucker on top! It was funny for me to see you in Canada with short sleeves and flip flops since we just returned from a new year's trip to Montreal and were FREEZING! :) Great goals! I want to get more organized about ironing for my husband too. :) Don't know if you've heard of but she might really help with keeping the playroom clean. :) I teach music in a public school and I know that it is a real struggle to keep everything in my classroom in it's place. Have you heard of the scripture memorization through the alphabet? There are 26 verses to be memorized and each one starts with a different letter of the alphabet. I hope you have a wonderful 2009! God bless you! Kelly

p.s. just remembered something that your treadmill checking off reminded me of. One year my mom and I made sticker charts of 25 spaces. Those spaces would represent 30 min. exercise sessions, days of drinking 8 glasses of water, nights of getting enough sleep, etc. and we would put a sticker on them when we completed them. If we completed our chart we'd treat ourselves to an antique shopping outing. :)

Wendy said...

love your 2008 pics...and your 2009 goals! Happy New Year :)

Victorious1 said...

Great year in review! But - you did so much more to keep us all encouraged and inspired... :)

Happy New Year,


Jessica said...

I found some great stuff on She has free downloadable 2008 Reflection Questions and 2009 Vision Questions. They got me thinking deeply about God's desires for my life!

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

We have some of the same resolutions:) Even when the list seems daunting, remember that with God, all things are possible! He WANTS you to be a Proverbs woman!

Carrie said...

Sara ~ Thanks for the inspiration! I copied you! Happy New Year!