Monday, January 19, 2009

::::CD Debut::::Just As I Am:::::Dave Mincy-singer/songwriter/husband to sara :)

I cannot say enough about this CD. Dave sings to the Lord from his heart. I am so excited about the blog page that he has set up specifically for Just As I Am. It has a post about each song and how he came to write it, etc. This is good stuff. It makes each song more meaningful. The CDs will be duplicated and back to us in a few weeks.

Want to listen? Go here.

What gets me the most (and NO, don't say I am biased b/c I am his wife! I think I can say that I am not biased b/c there is one song that he plays on the piano that I don't like :) is the heart and real-ness that he puts into his music. He wants to share that with all of us- a human's struggles- even maybe a doubt about God- but we see that God shows Himself strong and able to care for us and bring us through and shows us how wrong our doubts are. That is what Dave's songs are about. The daily trials and joys that we go through and God's Grace- His Love- His Goodness & blessing.

Read all about each song here on the Just As I Am blog.

Pre-Order a CD here for a special price. $12 plus FREE shipping (even to Canada! We love Canadians!)
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My favorite songs are:
#1- Then I Will Praise Him
#3- There I Go Again
#4- Psalm 61
#6- Look To Him
#11- You Are God

But then, all of them are good. Let me know what you think after you have listened to the sample tracks.


The Kinnicutt Krew said...

Oh Sara!!! We are so excited and just listened to the demo. My fav's are "Look to Him", of course, "Ps. 61". "There I go Again" is very powerful! Praise the Lord for Dave's gifts. Yeahhhh!

ko said...

that is so AWESOME!

Paige said...

Love "When You Are Very Near!" Praise God for his talents!

Thanks for sharing!

Jessica said...

We will pray that this is a blessing to many!!! You and Dave have been given amazing gifts of creativity. I am inspired by how you both live your lives fully embracing and sharing Christ!

Anonymous said...

It's awesome your hubby has a CD! I'm going to listen to the sample now.


Pam said...

I was always touched every time that Dave would sing "Just As I Am" in church, and equally touched every time John C. played it again on the radio, even years after y'all had moved back to the States. I can't think of a better title song for this CD.