Friday, December 19, 2008

red & green; always a good combo

Ribbon Salad**recipe from my mom. A favorite from childhood

4 pkg. jello (2 red, 2 green)
1 C. boiling water for each
1/2 C. cold water for each

White layer: Mix with mixer at the beginning and before you add each white layer
2 C. milk - boiled
1 C. sugar
2 env. Knox unflavored gelatin
2 C. sour cream (lg. size)
2 t. vanilla

Spoon each layer over (don't pour...I learned this the hard way- you pour and it upsets the white layer and gets messy)
The white layer takes about 15 min to set and the jello layers take about 25 min.

You make the first green layer and pour it into your 9x13 pan- let set. Make white stuff- spoon over green just enough to fully cover. Let set. Make your red jello- pour over- let set....etc. yes it takes all day- but it is so worth it. And your kids think you are a genius.

This would be fun to make for valentines with red/white/pink. There are many color possibilities. The white filling is pretty much like sauce for a lasagna- when you put it on, remember that you need to have 3 layers of the white.


Laura D said...

I am really getting into reds and greens together as well. More this year than I remember in the past. I love that recipe. I think I'll have to try it really soon!

ByHISgoodGrace said...

Looking Christmasee there ! Love the ribbon jello, will have to try that. It's nice to share a recipe from your mom, how sweet. Your mom is pretty awesome.

Tracey said...

The ribbon salad looks so pretty and yummy!
You always have the best recipes on here to try!!
Thanks for sharing :)
Merry Christmas, Tracey

Laura said...

We love Ribbon Salad! My Grandma always made it and now my Mom does. Yum! :)

gailsgarden said...

What was the occasion for the salad? Did you go to all that trouble just for yourselves? It sure looks pretty!

Anonymous said...

Looks so yummy and pretty too. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

ko said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE RED & GREEN! That salad looks yummy! I just might make it for the holidays!!! :) YOU WOULD LOVE U PAINT IT! IT IS my favorite place!

Kim@ForeverWherever said...

The salad sounds great and looks so cool! No wonder it was one of your favorites! Merry Christmas!

Keri said...

This post somehow made me feel more Christmasy than I already feel! Hope your family has a wondeful holiday.