Sunday, December 21, 2008

Plan Your 2009

Our pastor always encourages us to start planning our goals, etc in December- before we get to Jan 1 and start out the year on the wrong foot. I love this idea. It is good to make goals and plans. Some people shun "new years resolutions" and say they get forgotten anyway. Hey- if you shoot at will hit it!

We all got our books this Sunday- Search the Scriptures by Alan Stibbs. We are making plans as a church to read through the Bible in 3 years. This breaks the Bible down into about a chapter a day. Sounds like a good plan to me- especially since Dave and my 7 year old will be reading the same passage each day. I am sure it will encourage some good discussions.

I am making plans to sit down this week to write out some goals for this year- going through this Bible reading plan is at the top of the list. After that, who know...walk on the moon? Publish a book? Bake a loaf of bread? floss my teeth??- the possibilities are endless.

What is the feeling out there on goals for the new year? What would you like to accomplish in 2009?


Jana said...

Alex and I are going to look at this book. I love the idea of reading the Bible in 3 years.
Some plans I have are to quit my job in the summer and try to work from home. Scary!!!!
I also want to be a better cook. My husband would love that.
Let's see~ I would love to be better with using coupons!
So many things!!!


I really have not sat down and thought of my new goals yet so thanks for the encouragment to do so!

That is awesome that Dave and your son will be reading through the BIble together. What a great idea. I may have to get this book for Oz for a stocking stuffer.

Merry Christmas! Your christmas card was sooo cute!

ko said...

Goals are great......A MUST....More quiet time for my family.....loose weight and be more...the list goes on and on..those are the most important though
love ya!

Pam said...

I am all for setting goals. I do it year-round, but my favorite time is the new year. It is one of those holiday traditions I can really get into. I like the idea of doing it early so that you are ready to begin when the new year comes, and also the idea of having some family resolutions.

Anonymous said...

I actually haven't thought about it yet. I feel like there's still too much to think about getting ready for Christmas and daughter's birthday right after. I need to think about it though.

You plan for reading the Bible with your family sounds great. Can't wait to hear what else you decide to do.

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

Get healthy...potty train the boys...decorate my bedroom for as little as possible...and one other thing that I can't mention...yet. Heehee, don't you love when people mention private prayer requests and stuff like that? DRIVES ME CRAZY!