Tuesday, December 9, 2008

photo edited at the picnik website- so much fun! You will love it.

We made a few treats yesterday- holly wreath cookies & candy coated pretzel rods. They are absolutely gone! Isn't that awful!? When you divide that by 5, we each had how many treats in 2 days?? We did take a few to a friend, but I really mean a few.

Holly Wreaths (good memories of making these each year with my mom, and her saying- hurry, hurry, put on the red candies before they harden! So this year I had a little 5 year old helper who put on the little red candies for me :)

Melt *4 cups mini marsh mellows
*with 1 stick of butter

Add * 1 t. vanilla
* 2 t. green food coloring
*5 1/2 cups cornflakes

Shape into wreaths (or drop blobs onto wax paper and call them wreaths). Decorate with red cinnamon candies.



Anonymous said...

Those holly wreaths are our favorite! My SIL made a bar pan of marshmallow corn flakes and sprinkled cherry chips on top. We made some pretzel treats yesterday.

Jessie said...

Okay did you make enough for your favorite Latin friend??? LOL!!

Love ya


Oh how yummy. I just love those wreaths, I could eat them all day. Beth M. just made them this weekend and I told her I had to get the receipe. Thanks! I will definetly be making these.

Anonymous said...

I've made those pretzel rods before and love them. I just bought a candy mold that you stick a pretzel into. I'm gonna try that this year.

Laura said...

Oh, we used to make those wreaths too! Yum! I will have to make some with my kids this year. :)