Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008- and the aftershocks

We're back. 5 hours to go see them, 4 days later, 5 more hours in the car. We had a wonderful time. Nice to see everyone on Dave's side of the family. Crazy gifts- great food - surprises - more good food - Wii fun.
He loved it- can't you tell?!?!

I told you- crazy gifts

Barb's nativity set made from sap buckets.

We got home last night from a fun, relaxing, enjoyable Christmas. We got up and went to church. Had a very good, encouraging service- we get home- BAM- the after Christmas doldrums hit in full force.

I walked into the kitchen to start making lunch and tripped over the debris on the floor. I tried to collect all of the cards and papers and candy canes and candy and treats and garbage and trash that was in the way. I was struggling at that moment, but being constantly reminded that there is SO MUCH to be thankful for! While I pick up the cards and wrapping paper- I can be thankful that we were able to give gifts to our loved ones.....

While piling the laundry up to start the many many loads- I can be thankful that I have loved ones that I can wash for....

While trying to organize the toys and gifts and find places for everything I can be thankful for our loved ones who love and care enough to give us things that we will like.

God is so very merciful to us---He forgives in so many ways and so many times.

Thank you Lord for Your gifts to us! Thank you that you give us what we need and the energy to do what we need to do! I love You and I pray that You will help me to stay on course- to be the kind of mom and wife and friend and daughter (of earthly parents and a Heavenly Father) that You want and made me to be.

our best from us to you :)

So as we all go into this next week- the organization and planning for 2009 week- may we all be thankful&content and REST in the Lord! He will help us when we are overwhelmed. He will give us rest. He will help us accomplish what we should.


Marjorie said...

Yes, we are blessed... and God is good.

but the laundry - oh, the laundry!! (kidding.) It IS quite obscene ;)

Merry Christmas :)

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

Love the pic of you and Dave! Gotta know how the nativity set was made- what are sap buckets?
...and yes, we have TOO much to be thankful for and we deserve NONE OF IT!

ko said...

GREAT POST! WOW! PERFECT! I love all of your pictures! I am so glad you guys had a GREAT CHRISTMAS! It looks like the FOOD was FANTASTIC!!!
Sergio is gone for 28 days, and then home for 28 days! He comes home Jan 18th. WE LOVE HAVING him home for 28 days!! :) IT IS WONDERFUL!
Take care and have a GREAT WEEK!

Anonymous said...

What a picture! I have birthday party debrib added to my Christmas debris. My house resembles a dump at the moment. Enjoy your reorganization.

Tracey said...

Love how you found ways to be thankful for your chores!!
Great post,

christina said...

the food looks incredible.. makes me wanna pack my bags right now and move to the US...
merry christmas and happy new year! said...

Yes oh yes Our God is good! Loved your picture of your food buffet and loved the idea of putting some of the food on candle sticks (isn't that what they are on?) Great idea and can't wait to use it!

Keri said...

Love the crazy gifts and you and Dave's picture!! I'm glad you guys had such a nice Christmas.