Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Look at our new pets! 7 beautiful birds....they make no mess, are quiet, and make us so happy to look at. I have a very talented friend who makes these. She is having a giveaway on her blog- here.

my favorite material to decorate with: PAPER!!! Thank you Martha Stewart for designing this gorgeous paper. A fun and cheap way to add more CoLoR.

Our little socks are back again. Everyday the kids get to look in the sock for a treat- 25 socks (or gloves, or mittens) in all.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to steel your idea...is that ok? I want sticks in a "vase" with hanging paper balls. I need to make a centerpiece to be auctioned at our church's Christmas party and this would be perfect.

Tracey said...

Love the tree with the birds!!

heather said...

love love your ideas! i was thinking of doing something similiar with the branches! your socks and mittens...too cute!

hillarious! you must have been in my head today, or listening on the phone as i poured out my despair and failures to my husband this afternoon! yet still finding so much joy and fun in my craziness! i wouldn't trade it for anything! just glad that someone else is feeling the same way! i even thought of you today, wondering how in the world you homeschool! i secretly want to do that, but wonder if i can handle it. (i have two strong willed children.) God is there for me and i trust Him in whatever He calls me to do! oh, and in the midst of all that...i still ask Him daily for another baby! ;) how do you like that!!!

Keri said...

What an awesome idea with the socks. Love it.

ko said...

i pretty much GASP for air every time I get on here!!!! COULD YOU BE ANY MORE CREATIVE????????? PRECIOUS JUST LIEK YOU!! PRECIOUS!

Jessica said...

That is an awesome idea!!!