Saturday, December 13, 2008

Artist Interview: Betty Mashburn (potter & painter)

It is a fun thing to have a friend, visit her house, and find out that she is an artist! That is what happened with Betty and me. Her house is a gallery! I love her beautiful paintings and her gorgeous pottery. I appreciate her talent and the way she lovingly decorates her home with color and beauty.

My 7 year old came up with the questions and interviewed Betty. So the questions and answers may not be as long and detailed, but I hope we got the main points.

Question- When did you start painting?

Betty- In the 80's. I was artist of the year in 1986. I was a member of a brush and Palette club, and I had a private showing at a bank.

Q- How did you learn to paint?

Betty- I took an oil class at a Community College. I didn't even know I could paint! It was fun! I also took some workshops.

Q- What is your favorite thing to paint?

Betty- Still life & seascapes & landscapes

Betty painted these stripes on the wall. Such a nice effect.

Q- What kind of paint do you use?

Betty- Mostly watercolor, but I really love oils, they are fun. Watercolor is easier- and less messy.

Q- What is your favorite color?

Betty- yellow

Q- What inspires you?

Betty- The trees, the beach.

Thanks for letting us interview you, Betty. Your art is gorgeous- and we thank you for letting us see and enjoy it! Sorry we did not get to ask much about the pretty pottery- that will have to be for next time :)

You can see more of my artist friends here.


ko said...

wow! Pretty awesome!! :)
oh and I love your new SHANZZY LAYOUT!

gailsgarden said...

I didn't even know that I met an artist. Tell her that I enjoyed her home and art. Maybe we could visit her sometime!?

Jessie said...

So cool !! Funny how little we know about each other!


Anonymous said...

What beautiful artwork! What an honor to know such a wonderful artist! Thank you for posting her work. Does she have a website or sell her work?

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

Ok, so I'm gonna have to talk to Betty...her favorite color is yellow and the beach inspires her!!!! She needs to come see my living room and paint something for me:)