Friday, December 5, 2008

3D & some very deep thoughts on organization

I saw this in an old Mary Engelbreit magazine. An easy way to make these paper ornaments a little more dimensional.
So how is everyone doing with the Christmas preparations? Have your shopping done? I have a lot to do. But I am not letting myself get stressed out (Dave is laughing now...). OK, so I am asking the Lord to help me not get stressed any longer! I have basically everything left to do- do you feel sorry for me now?!?! But some decisions have lessened the load- for example, we got the boys some bulletin boards for their room (they love to tape their papers and art work all over with wads of scotch tape), and I was going to paint and decorate the boards somehow- but that can be checked off the list, b/c they will cover the boards anyway, and maybe we can just find some fun tacks for them to use.

Please only leave a comment if you have not gotten all of your Christmas shopping done- that way I will feel better- all of you I-have-been-done-since-July-people make me sick! Just kidding- I could only wish to be so organized.

2009 is going to be the year to get organized around here!!!!!!

Here is the problem that we face here at our house......the artsy messy side vs. the need to be organized and orderly

****The messy/artsy side wants the kids to be able to have their creative expression and put up their artwork however they want in their rooms

The orderly side goes CrAzY when walking into the boys room to find CHAOS.

****The messy/artsy side says to let the kids put up their own Christmas decor and lights in their room

The orderly side goes CRAZY when walking into the room with lights flung everywhere, and garland blocking any entrance or exit from the bunk beds

****The artsy/messy side wants the kids to be able to set up forts and keep them set up

The orderly/organized side gets sick and tired of JUNK everywhere.

I could go on and may think that I am referring to Dave as the organized side of this (and he is more organized than me, but the two sides are sides of me and further proves my swinging emotional pendulum)

But 2009 will be different. Here is my plan- I am going to have a place for EVERYTHING- and then Dave has to supervise the clean up every evening!!!!!! This is b/c he is very matter a fact about it- "clean it all up" and I really struggle with - like I mentioned the whole "Mommy, can we keep our fort set up just til tomorrow?!?!?!"


You can tell I have had quite the week, can't you. These psychological posts are really therapeutic.


Jennifer Anderson said...

I do totally understand the swinging pendulum of both "messy" and "neat" although I tend toward the "clean it all up" side. =) My boys probably wish I was more of the "messy/artsy" type. =) I'm not done with all my stuff either. Decorating has barely started. =) Have a great weekend!

Laura D said...

I really like the ornaments. I may have to try that with "my kids" at school.
I'm sure when we have kids I will have the same emotional pendulum. My husband on the other hand is very organized and clean...I'm sure he'll help out.
By the way, many of your recent pictures suggest you do have a lot of Christmas decor done at least. I can't wait to tour your house on the 15th! = )

ko said...

i always feel the same! So I came up with a wall is Rebecca's ....she calls it her BENDAROOS wall...she sticks her bendaroo creations on it! :) We are kind of a creative house tooo, so it is hard to be so organized, creative minds arent organized that is something i struggle with too! DONT sweat it!! YOU ARE WONDERFUL just like you are i am sure!

Anonymous said...

I have almost no shopping done, no decorating done, and haven't given much thought to Christmas cards this year. Perhaps the cookie exchange this week will spur me to get going!

Rachel and Jacob said...

i dont have my shopping done :)

but jake and I did our big gift to each other this weekend :) guitar hero for wii. wow.

i love the colors of you home.... I wish I could fly you in to help me with my new home in January... so many choices... and ideas.. whew...

Gretchen said...


When you say you have "everything" to do still, perhaps you are not considering all the GORGEOUS things you have already done! Look at your mantle and fireplace! WOW! I am in the same boat, having just about everything to do (thought the tree is up and the first load of cookies I made got eaten already by a load of seminarians who are so glad to be on break). However, I'm really feeling relaxed this year and just enjoying the journey. You've inspired me to write my own post about Christmas prep. I just love this time of year. Too bad it doesn't last another couple months! :)