Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What is Black & White & Colorful all over?!?!?!.....

........um, pretty much everything if I have anything to say about it

this one is for you, Betty! The little girl has a throne.

The love affair with black & patches of bright colors. Had to crop out the double chins on this one.

Enjoying the fall weather....hope you are too (....or do you have snow!?)



I'm lovin the hounds-tooth scarf! I use to have a swing coat all black and white hounds-tooth. Boy I wish i still had it.

Looks like you have an obsession with scarfs. Me too. I want one in every color. They are a great accessory!

ko said...

u r precious!! :) I AM LOVNG THE WEATHER..it is cool and rainy here...we prayed for Rain in church Sunday (we needed it so bad) and we have gotten some every day this week!! :) God is GOOD! :) LOVE THE NEW CHAIR! YOU ARE TOO COOL@@@

Anonymous said...

LOL! The double chin?? No snow here, not yet anyway (NY).