Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thanksgiving Ideas for Kids

Family Fun does it again- this little tree would be perfect for writing our blessings on.

And this little cornucopia! Precious! Healthy too!

Thanks for having fun with me and voting on the before and after pictures. Thanks a lot to you precious people who reminded me that my porch is peeling. You didn't have to bring that up, did you?!? :)


Anonymous said...

Nice ideas. There's such an uplifting theme to your blog that I always come away a little bit happier. How can a person not smile and all your cute things?

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

Augh- how did I miss getting to vote? Well, I'll cast late- I like the before and after of your hair:)

Laura D said...

I guess I'm one of those "precious" friends. Sorry! The porch still looks neat though. This summer in summer camp we had a week where the theme was thankfulness. We made the thankful tree and the kids really enjoyed it! Hope you and your kids have fun with it as well.

Anonymous said...

Oh! I will have my class make the cornucopias. I was looking for some clever Thanksgiving crafts.....and snacks!