Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Love This Music

Just another way that Sara is trying to get you to spend your money!!! You are probably getting ready to leave and never come back!

It was a year ago that Dave released his Christmas CD- and it is time to pull it out again. My favorite Christmas CD ever. We have been listening to it for awhile now. Some people really scoff at listening to Christmas music too early- but really, what is wrong with it? Shouldn't Christmas be a HUGE celebration!?!??!! Jesus was born! What if He never came to earth? Never died on the cross for us? The music is all about HIM.

Here is last year's post about when the CDs arrived at our house.

You can get one here for a good deal.


Lacy said...

That is spectacular that your hubs is famous! I think I started reading around the time you got it last year. So exciting!!!

Laura said...

I bought it last year - actually a a oouple of them. It is beautiful!! Perfect for my favorite season!!

Tracey said...

You two are such a talented bunch!
I will have to check this out!

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

Umm..I had no idea he had a Christmas CD. I intend to own it now because I collect Christmas CDs. And we started listening to them about a week ago. It's never too early:)

The Kinnicutt Krew said...

We started playing our CD in September. LOL! We love it. We need more!!!