Friday, November 21, 2008

Homeschool Moms Just Want to Have Fun

Lydia & I took our kids on a field trip today to the pet store. We had a great tour guide who showed us all of the animals and taught us so many interesting things. Lydia and I are always just a bit more excited about the trips than the kids :)

Meet Skylar - the nice little birdie who will cost you $900.00. We did not buy anything....I think we are holding out for a dog, and that was one pet they did not have there.

Little organizer thing BEFORE

Have a Great Friday! How did it get to be Friday already?!???!?!? We are having a wonderful time with my mom here. She will be here for another week.


Jennifer said...

i can't believe she is holding a snake!

Anonymous said...

are you stinkin' serious? a $900.00 bird??! i think we'll stick with our 'cheap' cat and guinea pig ;)

love the organizer thingie.

Tracey said...

Did the bird talk? I think that is so cool when they do.
Snakes...that's one thing you wouldn't catch me holding!!
I hope you will consider adopting a dog from a shelter if you do get one :)
There are so many that need a loving home!

Anonymous said...

Is that red and white fabric behind your organizer? I LOVE it! Oh, I love the organizer did a wonderful job as usual. :) said...

Wow! What a nice pet store! I love what you did with the organizer. It's so bright and cheerful now. =)


O.K. The snake is freaking me out! But the bird is so pretty. What a fun field trip.

Wendy said...

how fun! So I finally posted something after a long break..check it out b/c I tagged you. :) Love your thankful tree!!
Happy Thanksgiving.