Monday, November 17, 2008

Fabric Covered Knobs & A Turkey **Edit

I saw this project on here. What a great idea! I have about 600 knobs in my kitchen (**edit...I don't have 600 knobs- that was a lie, I have about 30.....I felt the need to come clean about that :) and I will slowly work around the room doing a knob or two a day, and hopefully we will not move before I am finished!!!!!!!!! (I NEVER want to move again....but you never know)

Found this little turkey here at little nummies. SOOOO cute. She has a whole BUNCH of adorable snacks to make for your kiddies. Kellie graciously let me copy this picture. Thanks, Kellie!

Have a great Monday everyone! If you are like me, you will need some extra time in the Word today to get in gear for a new week. Lord, help us to respond to our children and co-workers how You would want us to :) James 1:19- Let us be Quick to Listen, Slow to speak, & slow to get angry. (I know I am obsessed with this verse, but I haven't quite "got it" yet..........)


littlenummies said...

I am SO glad you like the turkey!! He was really fun to create. Thanks for linking back to Little Nummies!!!

~ Kellie ~

Anonymous said...

If I got that creative with my food, my family might faint. That's some kinda turkey!


You have the patience of a saint to cover 600 knobs! Oh it will be soooo worth it in the end.

I definetly don't have that verse down yet either! Keeps me on my knees!

ko said...

Love it!!! :) you are so so so so so creative!! Hey guess what!! I GOT MY House print today..and the lovely card!! I LOVE IT TOOOOOOOO..Thanks so much!! I hope you have a WONDERFUL week@
much love friend

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

What a perfect verse to start off the week- I needed it!!! What is the red thing being used for the turkey's waddle? Looks like a fun and HEALTHY snack!