Thursday, November 13, 2008

Christmas Present Ideas & Decoration Inspiration

Now these are cute! Saw this on craftapple. This would make a nice Christmas present for someone on my list.
Uncle Milton Light Up Ant Farm Gel Colony
The kids will love this. Promise you won't tell them we are getting it.

Here is the color inspiration for our Christmas decorations this year (made on the polyvore site...too much fun). I will use all of our stuff from last year (mostly red & white), but add in some orange & pink. Maybe some sort of paper garlands and candy on the tree. What are your ideas & colors for decorating this year?

And- what are you getting for your kids? Any good ideas? I promise I won't tell :)


Lacy said...

Oh Sara...Can I please please copy you!!!!!?????I love the bag so much!!

Anonymous said...

hey sara!
first of all...i had your hubby's christmas music on repeat while i was doing the dishes yesterday. SO beautiful!

love those tote bags :)

and what are we getting the kids? my aunt is going to help me put together the dollhouse that my grandparents gave ME when i was little but for some reason never got put together. then we'll be making tiny furniture and teeny-tiny groceries for it. :) that's for maddy (obviously) and for kaden...he has an extravagant list (i thought if he can spell it he can have it....NOPE. nevermind.) but he does want felt food, which i can make, but will probably run out of time and energy so i'll get it off etsy. he LOVES playing restaurant.

and when it comes to decorations, anything goes. if the kids make it, it's on the tree. or the wall. or the shelf. or the window. you get the idea. :)

Anonymous said...

The tote bags are super cute!

Our kids would love to receive Legos or night vision goggles for Christmas. Another idea would be pants that fit (our 11-year-old is growing too fast!). :)

Laura D said...

Like everyone else, I love the tote bags. Simple, but oh so cute!

As far as Christmas trees go, we have a least a small one in every room. I'll keep most of them the same this year. However, I am really looking forward to decorating one for our new craft room. (Black and white, polka dots, hot pink, teal,lime green, and bright orange.) I've seen lots of neat bright decorations for it already. I'm just trying to be patient and wait for really good sales! Thankfully I only have a small tree so I can't put much on it. (I'll save more that way!) Can't wait to see your house on the christmas tour!


I looooove the tote bag. I need details on how to make. They would be great teacher gifts.

My kids are asking for a Wii. Not sure if we will do it though. We said if they get a Wii it will be the only gift they will open on christmas morning and they still want one.

Decorating the tree....I would love to do robin's egg blue and silver but not sure if I will be able to afford the change. So we will see when the days get closer. Maybe I will find some good ornaments on sale soon.

Sarah said...

That polyvore site is awesome! I love your Christmas picture....what a fun holiday house you will have. You must post lots of pictures!

We never buy our kids much for Christmas...they are already completely indulged by our family and friends. I want them to have a hint of the true meaning somewhere--so we buy one "needed" gift and a new Christmas book every year. And they each buy each other a gift from the dollar store. :-)
So this year, they are getting Nalgene sippy bottles, an adorable book from Barnes & Noble, and they will spend their hard-earned $2 on some well-meaning gifts for their siblings.

Good luck figuring stuff out for your kiddos!

kahlanne said...

I hope you don't mind but I have tagged you over on my blog. I have never been tagged before and really wanted to give it a go so I picked some of my favorite people or blogs to tag back. I can't wait to read the 8 facts about you. Your blog is so colorful and interesting that I can't wait to read each day!

Thanks, Carol