Monday, November 3, 2008

Bathroom Mirror & Lights Makeover

Finished painting the mirror and spray painted the light fixture.

Bathroom mirror and lights BEFORE

I don't care what anyone says- I like the "Miss-Piggy-Dressing-room-type" lights. As long as they are not gold. Now they are fire engine red.

I wanted to show you my new favorite cozy and comfy and cheap outfit. I got the Ann Taylor Loft skirt at Goodwill for $3.49 and the sweater at TJ Maxx for $14 and the necklace at Bass for $3.

At the time that this photo was snapped I was saying through clenched teeth, "no, no, we are not going to watch Monsters Hank right now!" (do you start to call things by the mistaken names that your children say? Monsters Inc, will always be Monsters Hank....and our friend Natalie will always be Matalie....and napkins will always be nakins.....and 'I think so' will always be 'I sink so'.....and Honey Bunches of Oats cereal will always be Honey Bunches of Boats.....and oatmeal will always be O-P meal)

All I can say in looking at that picture is that Sara needs to lay off of the candy!!!!!! I made myself promise not to eat any until after I got on the treadmill today- so my first chocolate break was saved until 2pm. The chocolate did taste much better :)

***Oh and thanks for all of the sympathy about the big black spill. It did all come off. Thanks for caring. ***


skB said...

I love your outfit and your earrings too. And don't worry about laying off the chocolate. . .I am sure it is just the angle of the camera! :)

rabryan said...

I love the new look on the mirror and the lights! And while the lights may not be the hottest thing right now, they are practical and no globes to clean!

Anonymous said...

Great outfit! Better price!! Good shopping.

Anonymous said...

The mirror and lights look great! Cute outfit too.

Lacy said...

You show me you truely can paint ANYTHING!!!! LOve the mirror and lights! I would smile all day at your house.

Sarah said...

I love what you did with the lights! I too love my Hollywood dressing room lights....I wish we weren't renting so I could paint mine like yours!

And your new outfit is fun--I just bought a sweater the same color. Love it!

The Metcalf family said... usual. :) (both the outfit AND the makeover on the mirror/lights)

gailsgarden said...

Oh goody! MY bathroom is ready! I will be there soon! And you know we have ALWAYS had "arshmellows, hi-dogs, hight chocolate and good rididance" since you were small. Oh, and I remember somebody correcting me when I said, "Hobbie Hobbie" (instead of Holly Hobbie, remember her?). She just didn't know!

ByHISgoodGrace said...

I love the bathroom makeover, we have miss piggy lights too!
You look great, I love that outfit and envy your shopping choices!
The toddler talk just cracks me up--we obviously have that in our house to. Milk is ilk, mooowah is more...I Pie is I Spy, meeyallmeeyal is mailman...the list goes on.

ko said...

you can do anything i think!!! WOW! that is awesome!!! :)
Love your new cozy outfit! so cute!
im glad that spill came out!! YIKES

Younge 7 said...

Wow!! The mirror is so cute!! What an inspiration you are to me...


Sara, I have to say that you started my obsession for TJmaxx! I will never forget the first time I shopped there with you and you filled that shopping cart FULL. I was in shock and you probably walked away with a darling outfit for all of $7.68! I LOVE TJmaxx and often fill my cart full and then decide what I really can't live without and then put the rest back. I hope we can shop their again someday!

Marjorie said...

How did you paint your mirror? So cute!! I'm inspired.