Tuesday, October 14, 2008


What were you doing 10 years ago?
Very special time of life....just started dating Dave...a brand new romance to "THE ONE" Teaching kindergarten, living on the island of Guam, getting ready for a trip to Bali over thanksgiving break (without Dave......... I brought him back some fake Polo Sport cologne from the streets of Bali)

Things on your to-do list for today?
Read to the kids
work on our memorization chart (books of the New Testament)
Bake pumpkin cookies
get 3 paintings done
schedule a portrait session with Sears for the kids
Read this week's Shepherding a Child's heart chapters and start on the homework
spelling and addition tests for the boys
*extra writing practice for the boys
hem my brown pants and fix the hem of a dress
dishes and more laundry
pack up the paintings that need to be mailed
go to the post office
(I know I won't get half of this done....)

What is your favorite snack?
Right now, candy corn with peanuts (Lydia's idea- really good.)

If you were a millionaire, you would?
Pay off our mortgage (just for you, Dave :)
Buy a new car that has AC :)
support our missionary friends
support our pastor friends and our family who is in the ministry
support fellow artists
Buy Dave a grand piano (and the room to put it in)
Put away enough for our kids to pay for college
Hire a painter to paint our hallway going upstairs (I like to think big)

List 5 places you have lived...
Minneapolis, MN
Saint John, NB Canada
Watertown, WI
Greenville, SC

Thanks for tagging me, Jes! I tag anyone else who wants to answer these questions. SO sorry that I haven't answered the tag to name 7 weird things about me. I know I am weird- but I can't think of any interesting weird fact about me.......


ko said...

i love love love...candy corn w/ peanuts..i just tried it like 2 weekends ago..and oh my! delish!
WOW your to do list was so long..........:)
love ya

Anonymous said...

I kinda think it's funny that you do all this painting, but would hire a painter for the hallway. I'd hire a painter for the whole house!

The Metcalf family said...

Your "to do" list made me tired just reading it! Hopefully now I can get enough strength just to get up from this computer chair and make it to the front room to fold laundry... =D

Rachel and Jacob said...

fun read :)


You HAVE to add M-n-M's in the mix of peanuts and candy corn. It is the bomb! I miss you and can just hear your little laugh in my head right now!

Laura said...

I never thought to MIX the candy corn and peanuts...which are two of my favorite things anyway. Sounds yummy!! Now I just have to buy more candy corn because I already ate the 2 bags I had...

Stephanie said...

When you lived on Guam, did you know a girl named Yiquian? I don't know how small Guam is, but I bet there not a lot of fundamental churches. Just wondering.