Monday, October 27, 2008

Questions Answered About the Bathroom Project

Q-Did you make the shower curtain?

A- The white shower curtain was already in the bathroom. I found three different fabrics that looked cute together and ironed on that fusible webbing. Then I cut out random squares and rectangles and cut around a few flower shapes, and ironed them onto the shower curtain. Now that I see it in the bathroom, I wish I would have died the white curtain orange first- wouldn't that have been cute?!? But this is better than just white.

Q- How long have you been working on this project?

A- A few weeks ago I spent an evening doing the shower curtain....and then I dyed the rug and towels one afternoon. The rest got done in one Saturday. I know, that is crazy. Dave watched the kids, I ran to the hardware store to get everything, came home, primed the walls, spray painted
the peg rack for the towels, spray painted the wall shelf. Took off the cabinet door and drawers, spray painted them, took down the mirror and put the first coats of paint on that. Gave first and second coats of the aqua to the walls. Got a little bit of the edging done. Cut out all of the squares for the decoupage project, glued them on (that still needs a top coat), Hung the peg rack, hung the artwork.

I have no idea how I got that done, except that I am a very impatient person. I wanted to get a lot done that day, because I knew I would have no time like that for a long while.

Q- How do you find time to paint and do all this?

A- We find time to do what we like to do- I want my house to be colorful, I want every single wall to be pretty. I will neglect the dishes in order to do this. There is always something that you will have to neglect....but this system works for me. The dishes will get done, and there will be more, but the paint job will last forever (or however long you want it to). Now the trouble comes when I try to neglect my kids. They do not allow themselves to be neglected- that is why the weekend was a good time for me to do this- they had Daddy's attention, and they were happy.

Q- How does dying the towels work? Does the dye come off at all when you use them?

A- I answered this one over at the Frugal Mom site

Q- What did you do for the decoupage project? Did you switch out the hardware?

A- The decoupage was the most fun. I took the door and drawers outside and spray painted them the chocolate brown. When they were dry, I brought them in and set them up on the kitchen counter. Then I picked out any scrapbook paper I could find in my stash that would match (or not clash too badly :). Then I cut out squares, etc and laid it all out on the door and drawers. Then I would just pick up each piece and brush on some modpodge and stick on the piece.

When I spray painted the pieces, I never did take off the hardware. I like how it looks now that it is all spray painted brown, we'll see how it wears. I plan to put on another coat of Modpodge and then spray on a sealer.

Q- Would you recommend the peel and stick flooring?

A- Not quite sure yet, I have only done an easy corner. Now I am getting advice to take up the toilet before applying the floor to that area. Hmmmm, that is a little too thorough for my style- but I am sure a smart move. I will let you know when it all turns out. For right now, I love how it looks.

Q- Do you buy your canvas frames at Michaels?

A- I usually buy mine at Wal-Mart. They are really good about carrying the 11x14 and 10x10 sizes. I love the quality of these. The ones from Michaels are a little more pricey. But when I need a bigger canvas I do get it there. I found some REALLY cheap ones at AC Moore, but they were poor quality. Anything that I can buy at Wal-Mart on my once a week shopping trip is a bonus.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't it great that Wal-Mart has so much of what we need? I don't have any super-Wal-Marts near me anymore. They don't allow them on Long Island. I don't understand it!
I really LOVE your bathroom. You did a great job on everything. I don't even think pulling the toilet up is such a bad job. My husband has done it a couple of times.