Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The bathroom inspiration & a blog award

I will be blogging about the whole bathroom re-decoration process as I finish things up. Here is my inspiration for the room:
This fabric that I got in NY. This is a 10x10 canvas that I wrapped with the fabric and tacked on.

Thanks for all of your encouraging comments about the bathroom!!!! Dave accuses me of doing projects like this for the sole purpose of blogging about them :)! You are all so encouraging!

Thanks to Tracey for the Kreativ Blogger award! You are so sweet!

I am going to give this Kreativ Blogger award to:

- My cousin who is always creating something cute; cards, cookies, gifts, and decor for ladies events at her church.

- Who, even with 4 kids (2 being very active 3 year old boys :) has time to dye her towels and skirts, knit hats for babies in the hospital, and organize field trips for us.

Jes- My new blogging friend who makes such cute little houses and buttons as well as many other creative things.

- My sister-in-law who has a beautiful home that she has decorated and styled so creatively.

My Mom
- Her blog is filled with pictures of beautiful scenery, her gardens, and many other crafts such as sewing and rug hooking.

- This girl has style. We go way back to college days. Her blog is as cute as her.

- This is Heidi's sister, and an art teacher. I guess creativity runs in the family!

Chrissie Grace
- you have seen her before on my blog, and know she has creative juices running all over the place!

Typing this list out (and having many more friends I could have added to the list....) I was amazed by how blessed I am and surrounded with creative, beautiful people. Each of these ladies love God and this beauty shines through their lives. Thank you, God, for good friends and a sweet family.

And thanks also to Google for being the brains behind Blogger. I (and my art career) am forever indebted to you.....



I feel like I won an Oscar! I'd like to thank.......Thanks for your sweet comments! You are to sweet!
I love following your blog. You are so artsy and creative. It is an inspiration!

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

Thank you! I love my award!!!! And I love the idea of tacking fabric over a frame to create a piece of stunning artwork. Do you buy your frames at Michael's?

skB said...

aw! Thanks for making my morning:) I am honored to accept my award:)

Steve is doing well--thanks for praying for him . We are still waiting to hear back from Dr. W--but did get encouraging news from an on-call dr. a few nights ago.
I'll keep ya posted!

p.s. the bathroom looks great!

heather said...

aw...thanks! i feel so unworthy, actually! in fact, most of my inspiration comes from other blogs! let's just say i was in a rut! i am very thankful for your blog and so many others that inspire me to use the creative parts of me that i some how had pushed away while i was overwhelmed with 2 little ones.

anyhow, have i told you your bathroom looks awesome? i have to be honest...by the looks of your cute house i can't believe you lived as long as you did with the way it looked before! ;) so not YOU!