Thursday, September 11, 2008

Scripture Around the House

The scrawled verse above the pantry doors says, "With God all things are possible."

The Word is so important to our success in daily life! Read, meditate, decorate with God's precious words!!!!!!

Here are some encouraging words I read today...

Gretchen writes about focusing on the cross and E.Fitzpatrick's new book- here.
Jess shares an article about training our children - here.

How do you keep God's word foremost in your mind?


ko said...

ok yesterday I went to hobby hobby and they had scrapbook paper 5 for $1 so i bought tons to go with that plate, and I am totally copying you and going to do 1 wall like yours!! :) Any suggestions?
I have bible's in every room of my house, and good christian books. I will have it on my chalkboard wall as soon as I get that done!

Anonymous said...

You have inspired me to put God's Word where we can SEE it...not just hidden in the Bible. What an encouragement it would look on the wall, and see His reminders...Thank you, for always sharing your creativity, and sharing your love for the Lord. :)

Sarah said...

I love having verses around the house. Especially with unsaved people coming into our home--it is testimony without being "in your face". I just need to be more faithful in reading the Scriptures to my kids--they need to know WHY we have those verses hanging around.

I love the Jeremiah one! Did you make that too? I think I could actually make something like that. :-) Make it with my uncreative hands and common decorating skills....but then I would have something in my house like Sara! Yeah baby! :-)

Anonymous said...

We start our day with Bible reading and Scripture memory. It's also fun to participate in Word-filled Wednesdays.

Wendy said...

In answer to your question - I have a few ways of keeping Scripture around...but my favorite is one is that Rebekah (Davis) gave me for Christmas last year. She painted a decorative board the color of my kitchen and glued flowers to it. She also glued mini clothes pins on it and bought a set of verse cards (Beth Moore's praying God's word set). With the clothes pin idea, I can change out the verse cards whenever I'm ready. :)