Friday, September 12, 2008

Movie Sets

Last night we watched Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium. It was one of those movies that was ho hum- but the set was adorable and creative and the opening credits were works of art in and of themselves. That got me thinking about other movies that were not my favorite stories, but the sets were great.

My favorites are:

1. Stuart Little (the checkered floors, colorful stripes and beautiful wallpaper everywhere and Geena Davis' outfits were adorable.)

2. Yours, Mine, and Ours.
Rene Russo's pink house at the beginning was cute and artsy. Did you see her studio? Where she designed the custom handbags? Loved it!!!!

3. You've Got Mail-
Fall in NYC- the little fall festival in one of the streets- do you remember that part? And the little children's bookstore!!!?!?!?!! How cute was that!

My recommendation to you for some good weekend fun would be to rent Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, watch the opening credits, and then go and paint a picture inspired from those images :)

What have I missed? Have you seen any creative movies lately??


ko said...

have you seen nims island? IT IS MY FAVORITE MOVIE!!!!! It is sucha wonderful movie for kids and their imaginations, and has such a beautiful family story! I was ho-huum toooo about mr ma???>*&#$%^#...but the set was tooooo cool not to watch the whole thing!

Anonymous said...

my goodness...did you mention all of my favorites???...YES!! in fact, Stuart Little is on RIGHT NOW! And I secretly love it when my kids wnt to watch Yours, Mine and Ours over and over again. ya know how she can't create unless her studio is in disarray?...that's me. :)

Hope your weekend is great!!

Dana D said...

Oh how I love Stuart Little! I'm so glad that you mentioned it! I always think to myself "I wish I lived there!" when it's on! And I love how the whole family is always so color-coordinated!

Pam said...

Every time I watch You've Got Mail, I think of you. That SO could have been you running that little book store, doing story time, etc. I love her apartment too.