Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Mailbox Has Been Kind

Bird card from Chrissie Grace
Postcard from Christina (drawn by artist Jimmy Liao)
And more buttons from Jes :)


Last night was Sara-gets-to-paint-night while Dave watches the kids. I have to say that it was the worst work night I have had in a while. I completely wrecked 2 paintings that were almost done. How discouraging! The first one was a verse that I was writing out. I did not think ahead or envision at all, I just started writing and then I get to the bottom of the canvas and oops, there is no canvas left, but there is a sentence left of the verse! Oh boy. When you write with permanent marker you can't cover it with paint (but I can use those canvases for decoupage).

I have been really off lately. Yesterday was the first time ever that I left the house without my wallet (when I needed $ for parking). I am always so paranoid that I have my wallet in case I get pulled over. All I can say is that the Lord is teaching me some humility and to rest in Him, and not on my own ability or brains......"rest in humbleness"......(where have I heard that phrase?)

Maybe it is just old age and I am losing it. Anyway, now I am a little behind on orders, thanks to my sweet customers who will not sue me or send nasty letters :)


Anonymous said...

aaaah sara, that's a bummer about those 2 paintings. i like to think i can 'wing it', but yeah, that always happens. ok, so even when i don't wing it that happens. i guess that's why i'm not a painter ;)

**hubby's off today...looks like i'll be getting some crafty time in!!**

gypsy@Hebrews11:13 said...

I'm so thankful for all the advice on your daughter's "episode" you got on that last post. See, we aren't crazy. I was right there and SAW IT HAPPEN:)

I'm so sorry about your paintings- I know you worked SO hard. I need to think more about that "resting in humility." Thanks for the reminder!

the domestic fringe said...

Sorry you had a bad night. I'm new to your blog and I just LOVE it. I think you're an amazing artist. I'd love to see your house in "real life". The pictures I saw the other day are just happy and cheerful.

ko said...

So sorry your paint night was a bad night!!!!!!! You need to take a BREAK maybe!!!! A day of sleep, or lounging around! :) I hope your day today goes smooth!!! IT WILL! You are wonderful!!!! God adores your sweet beautiful spirit! Bless you SARA!

Keri said...

Oh Sara, how frustrating! I know that isn't how you wanted your night to go. Your customers will understand and your work is worth waiting for!