Wednesday, September 10, 2008


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I find it so hard to love the way we should as described in I Corinthians 13. So often I do not suffer long. So often I am not as kind as I should be, and I see the envy in my life instead of love....etc, etc, etc. Thanks to God that He is a Loving and Forgiving God!!!! Thanks to God that He has given us His Word to inspire, help,& guide us!

I have found this year of homeschooling to be a bit more difficult than our last two years. Maybe this is because we have only been in school for 3 weeks, and it will get much better! (or maybe I have forgotten the challenges from last year....). The boys are learning and growing, and that is good. The two year old is a rascal and keeps me on my toes :) But the BIGGEST challenge has been my attitude! So often I want a break!

I NEED these verses from I Cor matter how Sara feels right now, she has to be loving and she has to NOT SEEK HER OWN WAY!!!!! How I need God to help me in this area! And don't get me wrong- I do get plenty of breaks, my little nanny that comes and watched the kids once a week, every Tues pm I get totally to myself to paint- SEE, I am spoiled rotten. God is working on me- He is teaching me contentment in any circumstance!!!!!


Chrissie Grace said...

I know just how you feel...We homeschool too, and it has been difficult to focus this year. My oldest is in 3rd, and we have very full days. I often have to pray for patience during the day, and remember that we will adjust again soon enough!:)

Anonymous said...

Moms need breaks too. I'm finding this year (our fifth of homeschooling), the kids can finish their school work by noon and we can go to the park in the afternoons. It's a good break for all of us.

ko said...

Bless you Sara! God is so proud of you! :)




thanks for the words of encouragement. This goes along with my bible study I am doing now. I find myself trying to teach my kids how to love and forgive but when it comes to me doing it.....I am trying to hide God's word in my heart so I am quick to remember why it is so important.