Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Coffee Quotes

It has taken me awhile to choose which quote to use. My problem may be that I am not a huge coffee drinker....so maybe I cannot relate fully to the sentiments that you all so lovingly typed out :)

his idea was a cute one.....to write out an order like this:

caramel macchiato
no foam

Thanks for the idea, Rachel!!! I will send you a print of your choice- let me know.

So is that an actual order? As in, does it make sense? I don't know....when I go to Starbucks I say something like, "Ummmmm, do you have anything really sweet without caffeine?"


ko said...

toooooooo cute!
that will be precious!

Sarah said...

Yes, that is a real order...a boring one (sorry Rachel!) but you can get that kind of a drink if you want.

Me, I go for the FULL caffeine, FULL fat, and as MUCH sugar as possible because a drink from a coffee shop is a rare treat for me and my strict budget. :-)

Stephanie said...

That sounds like something I would order, only WITH foam. I think that might cancel out the non-fat part, though. :)

Rachel said...

:) yeah i like half-caf...... but I prefer soy and I do like the foam :) hehehe. yeah for a good idea!!! you could make alot of fun combos Im sure.... do you have the "home" one in a print?!?!!?I can wait to show you you what I did with my dining rooom wall. check it out tomorrow!! on my blog.

skB said...

Sara -- can I get a

no water
no foam
chai tea latte

for my girl? --Stephen