Monday, September 8, 2008

About the Chalkboard Wall

Thanks for the sweet comments! To answer a few questions....yes my husband is very, very nice and he lets me do pretty much whatever I want to do as far as decorating goes. He usually likes what I do and is very supportive. Remember, he was the one who financed (when we didn't have much to finance with...) the watermelon patch (the little shop that I opened, sold about 3 things and closed several months later :) he didn't even complain.

About the magnets....they stick in a certain area....but they have to be certain magnets, and if it is a clip magnet, I have to be very careful how much I clip to it. I would probably never do a magnetic wall again, but if you wanted to do something smaller (like Laura, and Heather, I think you guys mentioned a door, and the side of a desk?) I think it would work better, you could easily do lots of coats.

Trish, I thought the same thing you did- that the wall matches our patchwork skirts! In fact, I think subconsciously that whole wall combo was inspired by my favorite outfit, I wear a black shirt with that skirt. LOVE that skirt, it reminds me of NY and my sister :) !!!

I am just thankful that it turned out better than expected, there have been too many times to count where I have had to paint over a mess.


Sarah said...

I just checked out your wall pictures. The decoupaged bottom part is so cool! I love how it looks.
I can hardly wait until we have our own place again and I can paint!

Tracey said...

I just found your blog and I am so glad I did!
What a cheerful, bright and happy place it is :)
I love all of your talent and creativity!!
Love the polka dots and I spotted a few Mary Engelbreit things kind of place.
I will definitely hvae to put you on my favorites:)

Pam said...

That is what makes you a great artist--that you don't give up, even when something doesn't come out right. You just paint over it and try again!