Tuesday, August 26, 2008


As I have said, we now have two nights a week that are scheduled work times. Dave gets to work on music Monday nights, and I get Tuesday nights. Right after supper I start painting and Dave supervises the kids and does the dishes (thanks, Darlin :)

It is a good plan because it makes us really get to work! We know that the other is counting on us to work, and we can't waste the evening.
Here is the start, Lydia....let me know if anything looks wrong to you. (I will e-mail you a better picture)

This is obviously not done, but I love this quote- Dave found it somewhere.

I leave you with the side of the fridge....may you have a sweet Tuesday evening!!! :)


The Rose Fam said...

Good mornin Sara! Cute work! I need to go pray...I'm coveting your talent!

ko said...

man...............you are one cool chic!!!!! so talented!! So talented!

Sarah said...

I love the "one day to live" quote! What a thought-provoking quote to look at.
I keep forgetting to finish off E.'s wall, so I can post a picture of your masterpiece in amongst the photos. I love it more every time I look at it.
I think you will be featured on my blog soon.... :-)

It is so great you guys have your own work times now. I'm sure you will get so much more accomplished!

Anonymous said...

I really like the Romans 12:2 painting. Looks great! That's also a great idea to schedule your work times, as you get more done that way. Maybe I should try that. :)

gailsgarden said...

Sara, We like the one day to live saying. Are you making any prints? Or would you paint it for us in something that goes somewhere in our house?

Patty P said...

I really love your skinny house painting. Do you think I could use the image and turn it into a lesson for my students? Is it for sale? I love the energy it has.