Monday, August 18, 2008

Thanks for the award, Spinning Lovely Days! How sweet & encouraging!! I appreciate it!

I am working on adding blog lists to my sidebar. So far I have added my family and people I know in real life. Next I will add all of you inspirational and encouraging bloggers who I have met this past year. I love blogging and am inspired on a daily basis by so many creative people out there.

I never dreamed that I would find a hobby like this on the Internet!!!!! Two and a half years ago Dave would check my email and print it out for me to read. I don't think I knew how to turn on the life has been changed for the good :)

How about you....did you see yourself as a blogger, or did it just happen? How did you start blogging? OR, why don't you blog?


Laura D said...

I love blogging as well. A year ago I never even heard of a blog. Although, I have always been fond of the computer and searching the internet. I started looking at blogs when we first got married and I didn't know anyone. It was my way of learning about all my new "friends" and being able to find a connection with them when I actually got to see them in person!!

ByHISgoodGRACE said...

I did not see myself as a blogger--at all. It's taken me forever to even feel comfortable about it. For so long I thought it was like look at me, look at me, but now I realize that maybe reading about my puny little life could encourage someone or inspire someone. God can use anything. I know He's used so many others to encourage me to be a wife and mother that honors Him.
I'm glad you're blogging now and that you know how to turn your computer on. I love seeing your creativity often.

Pam said...

Well, Sara, as you know, I owe it all to you! I didn't even know what a blog was until you started yours. You kept telling me I needed to start my own blog, and David kept telling me I should have one. He helped me set it up, and here we are! I never dreamed how it would influence my life! Things actually happen BECAUSE of my blog. I love it, love it, love it! Yes, I see myself not just as a blogger, but a special kind of blogger--a MOMMY BLOGGER!

spinninglovelydays said...

You're welcome, Sara. :) I started blogging back in 2002 more as a creative writing exercise than anything else, learned some hard lessons about responsible online publishing, quit for several years, and took it up once again in 2006 when I had my daughter.It's a great way to document important details of our life as well as a wonderful avenue for meeting new friends. :) Have a great one!


rabryan said...

I never thought I could be a blogger, and my husband thought me bloggoing could be dangerous, but I think he enjoys reading my blog almost as much as I enjoy writing it! So thanks Sara and Jen for getting me started!

ko said...

perfect award for you!!!! I just did it as a fun way to journal ourlives, but it has become so much more than that!!! IT is a great way for my husband to hear the silly little stories while he is away in brazil that I forget to tell him about on the phone!
you are great! thanks for your blog!

Anonymous said...

I started blogging after seeing Sarah C.'s blog. I had never heard of blogging before that, but decided to try it as an outlet for my writing and photography. Now I have two blogs and love it!

teresa said...

I didn't know what a blog was until last year at a writing workshop. The presenter mentioned that some of her teacher friends post the kids' works for parents to see. At break time I asked her about blogging and she showed me some and told me how easy it was. So when I got back to school, I tried it, and now I am hooked! Since my family lives away, this is a way they can see what we are all up to and it is a way to show my painting as well. I never knew there were so many talented women out there. It is very inspiring!

Sue said...

I actually used to call it a "web log" (shortened to 'blog) and a personal "web log" never even entered my mind. Your family blog was the first I saw just a couple months after you started...Granna shared it with me :). No more scrapbooking, although I do use Shutterfly to get hard copies of stuff and I LOVE their photobooks. Blogging is an especially great outlet for moms busy at home. I feel connected to the outside world and get adult/girlfriend interaction on a daily basis. And, it's my feeble creative outlet - it's as creative as I get ;). Thanks for inspiring so many of us Sara, you trailblazer!!!

heather said...

hi sara, i'm heather-heidi's sister. i've been viewing your blog since heidi got her blog up. i've tried to post a few times, but my computer has been acting wierd. it's been an inspiration to me...the Lord brought your blog to me just as i am about to teach again after staying home for 5 years. i will be teaching art and have no art background, other than enjoying crafty, creative things! so, thanks for sharing you ideas! they get my brain going! ;)
i hope you don't mind, i put you on my bloglist so i don't have to go to heidi's every time i want to see your stuff!
btw, i want to order your prints! maybe for chirstmas! I love your porch! i always wanted to do that, but was scared off by the measuring. a template is a great idea!