Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So Much

So much I want to share and take pictures of....but I have but only a few minutes until the kids get up, so no time for pictures....

*The front and side porches are almost done! Cream and brown checkers!!!! I have wanted a checkered floor forever, and now it is almost complete! The color combo comes from Barb- it is always nice to see it on someone else's floor and know it will look good.

*Finally got something from the zazzle shop that I like and would recommend! It is the alpha-bag. A nice canvas bag. We have also received the tie and 10 commandment poster (which is really small....why don't I actually read the measurements? Then I would not be so surprised when they come). The tie is pretty funny. Poor Dave promised he would wear it, but I think it won't be in public.....more on this later.

*Trying to get all of the cards and prints loaded on etsy....and there is a sale on the Little Things print.

*Taking a bunch of my stuff to The Eclectic Furniture Garden tomorrow. I love this shop- so cute and whimsical. We will see if my stuff is a good fit and if it will sell.

*And I got an award! Thank you Kyley! I am so glad that I have met Kyley. She is a very sweet Christian lady who is such an encouragement! I promise, Kyley I will do a proper post and put all of the award rules, etc, But thanks!!!!!


ko said...

wow...I checked out the Eclectic furniture shop site..and it is so totally cool! To bad I dont live in NC......I bet my hubby is glad though!!! :) I am working on a bookshelf right now to go with that jazzy platter I showed you...I hope it turns out cool and eclectic liek all of your FABULOUS stuff! Thanks so much for the kind words!!!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

oh i wanna see!
you're too much fun!

and remind me... why can I not live in NC? the BEST shops!!!!!!!